Yet Another Image Of Alleged PlayStation 4 Controller Leaks, Now Shows 3.5mm Jack, Concave Analog Sticks

Continued with yesterday’s report, offered a purported first look at what is claimed was the controller for Sony’s PlayStation 4, a second photograph has today emerged showing the same peripheral. Today’s leaked image is pretty closer enough, and taken to a different angle-one which also reveals a 3.5mm jack on the underside of the controller, and from this perspective, the handles also look a certain degree longer.

The leaks features a photograph of an early next-generation PlayStation (PS4) gaming console’s cointroller, showing the glimpse of one of the early prototype for Sony’s next game console which is expected to be announced next week on February 20th.


The consequences, based on the previous leak, was that the control pad was a prototype, subject to change, and that it still remains the case. As you can see, as well as the longer handles, the alternative, curved analog sticks, LED strip along the top, and LCD (purported to be a touch-screen) are also clearer here than before.

The 3.5-millimeter jack at the bottom likely to provide a connection for some sort of voice chat accessory, but the original image made it look as though the famous START and SELECT buttons had been completely modified (removed) – at least from the face of the device – it would appear as though they have been situated next to the LED strip. If you askant, you can just make them out next to Up on the directional pad, and the triangle button.

The image was floating around on a number of gaming forums and thus, it’s hard to believe exactly where it came from. While the major most popular gaming sites seems confident it is a prototype, it should not be viewed as the final version of the PlayStation 4’s eventual controller though.


It does look however, Sony has taken something of a leaf from Nintendo’s book by adding an LCD to proceedings, and obviousl;y the size of this display implies it will serve only as a supliment to the main gaming experience, which, it’s something gamers will continued to ponder over until the official announcement date arrives.

Next Wednesday, Sony will be holding its special event to introduce with it’s future of the PlayStation 4 brand. Anticipation regarding what the company has in store reaches fever pitch, but the keynote, to be held in New Yprk City, will reveal all features.