Yes! PlayStation 4 To Be Announced On Sony’s February 20th Event [VIDEO]

According to the WSJ, it looks like that Sony has finalized a press conference in New York on 20th February for next PlayStation announcement and they already saw in Sony’s slick video teaser for its upcoming FEB. 20 event. Sony will be announcing the PS4.

WSJ says, yes! the PlayStation 4 will be announced on February 20th and be released later this year. Apart this, if you remember when Sony’s Vice President of Home Entertainment revealed that the PlayStation team were hopeful of making an announcement before the Electronics Entertainment Expo? Which was originally predicted that we might expect to hear about the alleged PlayStation 4 a month before the start of E3 in May. but an unexpected announcement from Sony could mean that we get the inside scoop three months early. Great to hear!


Although Sony has announced a PlayStation themed event that will take place on February 20th, and we already got much more information than that, the general consensus seems to be that we will get an early look at the future of the company’s console variant. The official announcement of the event comes from the PlayStation Twitter account and promises to allow us all to “see the future”. The future of what wasn’t disclosed yet. The WSJ also reports that Sony will try to throw in more “social gaming aspects” in the PS4, focusing more on how people “interact with the machine” than the sheer hardware power of the system.

The inclusion of a number of high-definition teasing images doesn’t really give much away, but also raise the excitement levels of gamers and technology fans just that little bit higher. Now, it is possible to trick yourself into believing that they contain the outline of new PlayStation hardware.


The Wall Street Journal is pretty confident that the gathering won’t be all smoke and mirrors in an attempt to generate excitement ahead of E3. Their own sources are suggesting that PlayStation 4 – or Orbis, if you prefer to stick with the internal codename – will surely make an appearance, with the intricate aesthetic and technical details being talked ahead of a launch later on in the year.

Sony had considered ditching the disk drive and using game downloads but decided that video game file sizes would be too large and Internet connections may be too slow to handle the load. Which means we can still expect the ol’ disk bay to be in the PS4. Suggestions that Sony have put their heart and soul into producing a powerhouse of a next-generation console that will see them through the next 5-10 years, but sources are also suggesting that the hardware will focus heavily on social gaming aspects. So, we’ll be going to see a piece of kit that pays a lot of attention to how potential gamers actually interact with it, potentially spawning a new ear to play and be a part of the games.

Unclear about the event and still believed that Sony is planning on unveiling their next-generation gaming console during the E3 conference in June of this year.

While, Sony’s own Chief Executive Officer has even dropped some fairly interesting hints that his company could be planning on following their PlayStation 3 release plan and wait until Microsoft introduces the new Xbox before going public with the PlayStation 4.