Yak Arrives As Yet Another Best Cydia Alternative

Thinking you’re an owner of either iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and would be aware of jailbreaking tweaks offered by Cydia store after you get jailbroken your iOS devices after updating it to the latest iOS firmware. Once Cydia launched you’ll be presented with lots of various tweaks that Apple App Store doesn’t offer, but those offerings related to third-party apps. Now in the form of Yak, a new Cydia alternative landed in the BigBoss repository that aims to offer tweaks and apps similar to iTunes App Store. Details after this jump!

Well, you remember the iDebStore launched its way as the best Cydia alternative a few weeks ago, when digging for more information to find the alternative that helped iDebStore to be what its today, the Weblin was the actual alternative that discovered to be it.

Weblin is a great web-based alternative that is for jailbroken devices and non-jailbroken devices, yes I mean it. A web-based store for Cydia packages with springboard icons and rejected App Store apps. That can be installed through Weblin into your non-jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with an ease. Apart this, another alternative in the form of Yeb entered into the scene to compete with the Cydia tweaker.

Yek, a Cydia store alternative themed just like Apple’s App Store and available straight from the BigBoss repo. Once installed, Yep allows you to browse all the Cydia store apps based on popularity, newness and Category list, along with you can also look at the latest daily apps in the Featured tab though. Yak Cydia alt allows users to leave ratings on tweaks that they downloaded.

Every product or service or being an alternative have a downfall, Yak also have one. You still have to get redirected into Cydia in order to download and install any tweak of app from the downloadable list provided.

Once Yak installed you can it lets a faster way to view your tweak, apps and themes.