Yahoo! Mail Gets Redesigned, Updated With Brand New Apps For iPhone, Android And Windows 8 Released

The day 12-12-12 Yahoo Mail users were surprised by an upgrade that never went through for a long time, and it’s dated interface is cluttered, especially to more modern interface like those in Gmail and Yahoo! may have been bullied from its once-popular web position by the likes of Google, but the Sunnyvale-based company still has gone something to offer. Yahoo! Mail today released a glut of new mail apps targeting those on iOS, Windows 8 and Android, along with by getting a total redesigned look its web-based offering, and we’ve got all the best details after the jump.

Now, the new Yahoo’s Mail client has got a major overhaul with emphasis on fewer distractions, revamped with speed and a cleaner, modern look. Yahoo! Mail now allows users to get through their emails more faster than ever before and the inbox is now more intuitive and easier to navigate as well.

The Yahoo Mail has been redesigned to be not only easier to use and more attractive, but faster as well. Of course, the web client (as well as the Android iteration) of Yahoo has been around for a while, but by bringing a host of new features –also added a version for the new Windows 8 and Apple’s iPhone – Yahoo has broadened its potential reach. As Marissa Mayer writes on the Yahoo blog, the focus is now on your messages more, rather than all the distracting other navigational elements.

Yahoo! Mail also now has a consistent look and feel across devices and platforms. First of all you’ll notice when using any of the new clients, are the aesthetic alterations. The web offering user interface – which will trick out to users over the coming days – has been revamped, and as long-time user of Yahoo!, I honestly love this new design and look. The quintessential Yahoo! Purple is as prominent as ever, but the general user experience is far smoother than ever before.

Best of all, the upgraded site is supposedly twice as fast and there’s more advanced spam protection. And the entire batch of new apps got by Yahoo, being an user you’ll want to straight away grab the corresponding client specific to your device.

Yahoo! Email is the ultimate daily habit. The regularly used one that we check in the morning and the last thing before going to bed, it’s often the first thing for me. Checking Yahoo Messenger for a live chat and after reading my emails from the Mail client for daily status updates is my another major work to do. Yahoo! could have pushed out new apps offering a variety of features, but in keeping things simple and focusing on ease-of-operation, the American company is fairly trying to make the business of sending and receiving mails as painless as possible.

When compared to other e-mail clients like Google’s Gmail service, it may be one of the most commonly-utilized nowadays, but Yahoo! still has a pretty substantial following, and with these newly altered apps it certainly improves the mailing to help boost the service’s profile moving forward and becomes the one of the simplest and most basic forms of communication.

The links to each client are linked below to upgrade to the new Yahoo Mail on the site. Download them, give them a try! The mobile apps are also being updated for the same purple-y look and feel.

(Source: Yahoo! Mail for Android on Play Store, for iOS on App Store, and Windows 8 on Windows Store)