Xbox LIVE Gold Goes Free This Weekend To Raise Money For Charity, Full Details Here

What would be the drive behind the success of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 gaming console’s? Obviously the Xbox LIVE platform, that allows gamers from all over the world to compete against each other from the comfort of their own homes. Would you expect an free offer from Microsoft for a Live package? Whereas the Xbox LIVE Gold subscription usually cost gamers quite a fee, but this weekend it’s offered free and now who want to get the most out of their connected video game world can get a free of charge Gold account.

Actually the Xbox LIVEGold pack is a paid product due to some additional features integration and offers gamers all the benefits that come with being part of the Xbox LIVE community, and also giving them access to premium multi-player experience that aren’t available in stanard account holders. If you’re a Gold service user you will be benefited with online multiplayer gaming, including enhanced matchmaking algorithms to ensure the best possible gaming experience, and the ability to provide detailed feedback which gives you exclusive rewards that otherwise wouldn’t be available in standard accounts.

Now it’s all about the charity, those additional goodness usually comes in at a steep cost depending on where you are in the world, but for this weekend, it will all be free thanks to an event organized by Microsoft and presented by the Xbox 360 called Gaming and Giving for Good. Event launched, you can sign up for the event via, and once a page is set up, you can start asking your friends and family to donate money to your charity page based on the amount of hours you play games. It also provides exposure and financial assistance to some marvelous charities as well as offering users the chance to get something for free and help out those less fortunate than ourselves.

While playing video games with your Gold Live account for free at the same time help out organizations like Miracle Network Hospital. Gamers and Xbox fans are being encouraged to help charities while taking part in the event and that collecting donations are based on how long they actually spend time playing console games on the online LIVE service. Considering the amount of people that turn on their Xbox every day, there’s no doubt that this event has the potential to raise a tremendous amount of money for people in need, and a great deal of time bashing away at those controllers, it is an exquisite move from Microsoft.

For registration you simply point your browser to, now register yourself and create your very fundraising page. After that, users have to ask their surrounding friends and family members to donate money for every hour you’re going to play. Now you have chance to play as much time you can for a specified number of hours which you grab over the weekend, that’s it. Simple enough, but hard? But this is for a charitable cause, so you can do it!

Microsoft is also supporting major studios by some of the most well known brands and companies in the gaming platform. The G3 event – as it known – has been proudly backed and sponsored by the company behind the smash hit Grand Theft Auto series of games, the Rockstar Games, and other additional companies like Bethesda Game Studios, Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers Games, and Konami are sponsoring the event, so you know it’s quite a big deal.

Thanks for being a part of this event organized by Microsoft and presented by the Xbox 360 called Gaming and Giving for Good, charity puposes.