Microsoft’s Countdown Clock Tips Official Xbox 720 Release Date

There were speculations that Microsoft intends to introduce the world to the next-gen Xbox console and now it appears that as a countdown that shows the number of days left until E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angles, promoting intense conclusions. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson who has posted a rather teasing countdown clock that hints the actual release time of the next Xbox gaming console. Details comes after the jump!

Microsoft is listed on the official E3 Expo website as settled as number 4100 during the convention with the official Xbox website given on exhibitor page, so that we can receive at least some next-generation Xbox information and related to the announcements. Rumors has surfaced months ago about the possibility of the Xbox 720 being imminently announced and released to the public, but the rejoice seems to have died down a little bit thanks to the large promotional push that the Redmond-based software company has had around Windows 8 and the Surface tablet in hands currently.


The today’s Xbox 360 has been cracker fr Microsoft, selling over smashing 70 million boxes in the last seven years, but the slaes are dropping down and now the company struggling to find inventive ways to boast consumer excitement about the aging game console, the time has arrived in the form of new console gaming. The countdown timer on the website has started and also provides a link to E3 Expo website with the final date of June 11th being given for the clock to alert the end, which is when E3 beings in LA.

Still the convention have five more months to go, but it seems that Microsoft is keen to get gamers excited and raise some adrenaline levels with plenty of advance notice. Speculations suggests that Microsoft may blind-side us all by revealing the next-gen Xbox console before E3 actually begins and use the convention as a forum to go into greater detail about the new hardware but there is no evidence to back those claims up.


Mark the release date time in your dairy – gaming fans – this could be a blockbuster of a year for both Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation 4 as well! (via MajorNelson / Redmondpie)