Xbox 720 Expected To Require Always-On Internet Connection To Function, Won’t Run Second-Hand Games [Report]

This year is gearing up with huge new gaming consoles to the market, with Sony has a PlayStation event planned for February 20 where we could finally see the PlayStation 4, and with Microsoft outfits for a long-awaited release of its next-generation Xbox, known in the gaming community as the Xbox 720, which is meant to replace the Xbox 360. Rumors have already been pouring in, with details of the new console have been scarce, a new report suggests that Microsoft will be blocking the resale of used games, requiring game copies to be validated online every time that they are launched, additionally cracking down for an always-on connection for the console to function at all.

Microsoft is in speculation that the next Xbox may include technology that will block used games from being played. The report, which focuses on the board specification of games for the next console, also vomited other interesting details. Like, games for the next-generation Xbox will be manufactured in 50GB capacity Blu-ray discs, unlike DVDs in the Xbox 360. Yet another report suggests that the Xbox 720 will ship with an improved version of Kinect as standard, furthur suggested that next-generation games will be higly immersive, depending on high-quality graphics and precise motion-control gestures, going beyond the traditional handheld controller.


According to the EDGE Magazine about the Microsoft’s new Xbox 720 console is rumored that the next-generation console will require activation codes for games, meaning that used, second hand games are out of the question and won’t be allowed to play on the new console, that games you bought will not be resold again.

Kinect, is a high precise sensors which are placed above the TV screen in front of the player, is Microsoft;s solution for motion-controlled games. Shipped officially in November of 2010 as an add-on pack for the Xbox 360, and later for the PC, was instrumental in beginning industry’s shift from handheld controllers to precise gesture controls for games. Whereas motion-controlled games initially resembles a market novelty, which are now widely accepted as the path forward in gaming.

So, no trading! or selling games that you’ve played through and are done with. A few other details were already known about the next Xbox, including the hardware specifications, which will resemble more the ones of a high-end PC. New information unveiled today on the console’s specifications.


According to the same report, the Xbox 720 will arrive with an eight-core x64 1.6GHz AMD CPU will be built in, along with a D3D11.x 800MHz graphics solution and 8GB of DDR3 RAM.

The changes regarding game validation was also been reported on the beginning of last year, if they do materialize, will be a great blow to those who often trade second-hand games. Whether Microsoft end up implementing this kind of system in their next console? Nothing can be known for sure before Microsoft breaks its silence and unveils the console officially.