Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate Now Available As 64-Bit ISO and VHD Variants

Today officially marks the much-anticipated debut of Microsoft’s Release Preview of Windows 8 operating system, the launch followed by unveiling its server edition of the new OS. Now available for download, this Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate includes a made-over Server Manager and replaces the Start Menu with the Metro UI. Formerly codenamed Windows Server 8 but its officially known as Server 2012, Microsoft has pushed the joy of the awaiting Release Preview to make the release candidate of Server 2012 available.

Microsoft pushed Windows Server 2012 release candidate ahead of big Windows 8 announcement

You are been aware of the previous version of Windows Server 2008 R2, this latest edition of server OS acts as the next step of that, including number of notable upgrades and redesigns over its predecessor. As said the Server Manager user interface has officially and finally revamped to make it substantially easier to manage multiple servers and adds the very popular Metro-style UI that became more pointful in Windows 8.

Microsoft’s latest server software offers the following benefits to businesses and hosting providers, according to the official release notes over at TechNet:

Windows Server 2012, will offer businesses and hosting providers a scalable, dynamic, and multitenant-aware, cloud-optimized infrastructure. It securely connects across premises and helps IT Professionals to respond to business needs faster and more efficiently.

Which means, this Windows Server 2012 tends to help IT professionals move beyond virtualization with support for a larger workloads, providing more secure multi-tenancy, and a flexible infrastructure when and where its needed though. While, Microsoft has reportedly removed legacy code that would allow users to boot into the classic desktop Start Menu.

Windows Server 2012 will also feature the new Resilient File System for handling heavy-duty data and managing shared storage across machines in Server 2012 that dramatically improves on NTFS with more improved relaibility for non-disk structures and built-in resiliency and extensive compatibility wuth existing APIs and techs.

By using Active Directory Rights Management Services and Dynamic Access Control, Server 2012 can help to manage and protect data access by providing a holistic data classification and protection system.

Supporting 14 multiple languages, the download of Windows Server 2012 comes in the form of a 64-bit ISO and VHD variants with languages like: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish with the VHD version being available in English only. Its very recommended that with all pre-release software that it should be downloaded and installed with care (caution) as it is likely comes with small bugs that may still exist and effect your computer.

Codenamed Windows Server 8, but now officially known as Windows Server 2012 is out and available to get

Here at VSS Zone, the official Windows Server 2012 Release Candidate’s link is available that can be grabbed through TechNet or MSDN for free.