Windows RT Tablets Will Last For 17 Days Connected Standby With 13 Hours HD Video Playback Life

Is there any notebook or laptop that can give up to 11 hours HD Video playback? Yes, Microsoft’s Windows RT – based on Windows 8 would be the first desktop operating system from Redmond-software company that has been developed from the ground up for touchscreens devices like tablets. It’s designed by replacing the traditional interface in favor of Windows Phone-like gesture start screen, made for touch-input apps, a Windows Store launched for downloading them along with some multi-touch gestures and Metro UI. By making huge changes with the release of its Microsoft Surface tablet, that doesn’t mean that the company is totally leaving their hardware partners behind. With Windows RT and OEMs like Samsung, ASUS, Lenovo, HP etc., Microsoft aims to directly compete with Apple’s iPad in the tablet market.

Regarding to show its still faithful to its OEM relationships, Microsoft on Monday confirmed the initial Windows RT partners and detailed about the collaboration process that requires to build the upcoming ARM-based devices. Already Dell, Samsung, ASUS and Lenovo made the entry to deliver Windows RT devices at launch.

Apart this, the most interesting part about the features of the tablet is awesome, its battery life, Microsoft claims that Windows RT-based tablets will be able to play  High-defenition videos for up to 13 hours which is three more than iPad’s currently claimed battery time. In a blog post published earlier today, that includes a Power Nap-like connected standby feature, details after this jump!

The battery life of Windows RT devices in connected standby mode is on the order of weeks, ranging from 13 to 17 days, Sinofsky says, when playing HD video, the devices are said to last from 8 to 13 hours, though that will depend greatly on capacity, which will range from 25 to 42 watt-hours, while the Apple’s latest iPad is rated to last 10 hours for HD video playback and has a 42.5 watt-hour battery life.

Originally, Apple is who introduced Power Nap on MacBooks as part of OS X Mountain Lion recently, that allows MacBooks to go into a lower-power state in which they can sync with iCloud and check for latest updates for installed applications.Connected Standby in Windows RT tablets allows them to maintain data currentness while using minimal resources.

When Windows RT running PC isn’t in use, the connected standby will automatically activated, and according to Microsoft’s own testing, Windows RT tablets can last for 320 to 409 hours without require to charge in this mode especially.

The Windows RT’s touch experience was engineered for “industry-leading accuracy” and that the core UI animations (like page and menu scrolling) would be rendered at 60 frames per second similar that can be seen ion iOS and Android tablets and said that Windows RT would support touchpad gestures from trackpads, just like Windows 8.

Microsoft was able to squeeze out 13 hours in a single charge in other tests regarding HD video playback. The tablet being tested was playing an HD video at full resolution that was stored on flash memory and the display had a brightness of 200 nits. RT devices would be capable of a low-power mode called “connected standby” — allowing the tablet to still get updates from the network but use just a trickle of power.

Microsoft’s own Windows RT Surface is scheduled to release alongside Windows 8 in the last week of October (26th). Including Windows-based operating system, physical keyboard, HD display and outstanding design, it looks like the perfect hybrid of tablet and laptop.

Windows RT devices will also be able to easily share data with other WinRT machines via near-field communication (NFC). “By simply tapping two NFC-enabled Windows RT PCs together, users can easily share photos, URLs, map directions, and anything else that our software partners have designed into their Windows apps

Let’s wait and see how the general public responds to it. This launch can make positive thinking with the competitors like Apple and Google to innovate and lower prices. Thinking of how Windows RT is designed? You can read more about Microsoft’s thinking on building Windows RT for tablets here.