How To Run Windows RT On HTC HD2? It’s Done Perfectly [IMAGES]

Anyone want to see Windows RT on a smartphone? Yup! Here is a good and fair news which comes as the latest exciting one as much as it does us. Windows RT has been ported to the HTC HD2 smartphone. Believe it or not – check out the pictures captured when running Windows RT on HTC HD2 handset below.

Honestly to say that Winows RT cant be run on Apple’s iPad, but can be installed on HTC, HP TouchPad and some other smartphones that have the ability of porting such mobile operating systems. This installation isn’t the first time done on HD2, ealier in the past Windows XP was also ported into HTC’s HD2 and Android 3.0 on HP TouchPad and Nokia N900 smaryphones.


Apart this, the HD2 – same phone that has been around for longer than some of the news outlets that will report story, has now been the (un)lucky recipient of a whole new port, this time with Windows RT finding its way into that 4.3-inch screen. HTC’s HD2 may have begun life as just another Windows Mobile 6.5 handset, but its surprisingly hardly internals enable to run almost any mobile OS going.


Now, the latest software to appear on the three-year-old device is the Windows RT, which was ported onto the system by a developer called Cotulla – the news comes as CotullaCode on Twitter released a collection of photos showing Windows RT running on the HD2, though we have yet to see video proof of the feat. He is the same person who previously put Windows Phone 7 on the same unit, let alone Windows Phone 8, the HD2 has proved to be something of a mammoth of hardware.



The HD2’s 4.3-inch screen has seen ported versions of Ubuntu, as well as Windows Phone, MeeGo and all manner of Android releases. Now that three years old, the HD2 shows no official sign of giving up just yet, as the above collection of photos shared and proved.

Obviously the fact that Windows RT runs on the HD2 would be a big achievement. The HD2 packs just a 1GHz single-core CPU and 5760MB of memory. Impressively, it even for RT version of Windows has the ability to support to see it running.


Imagine when you run Windows RT on iPad 4? Just kidding, many want to see HD2 running Android 6.0 and Windows Phone 10 at some point in the future. Wait and see!