Windows Phone 8 SDK Is Now Live Available To Download

Finally, Microsoft as promised has made availability of the software development kit for Windows Phone 8. The SDK described as an environment for building app and developing games for newly launched Windows Phone 8 and WP 7.5 handsets. It’s been a fairly closely-guarded secret up until this point, but in an announcement at BUILD 2012 in San Francisco, Steve Ballmer has confirmed it is now ready to download.

Now, it’s time for the fledging platform which obviously has a big challenges with its competitors such as the iOS and Android, as well as lagging behind terms of general consumer reach, the number of apps available for the Redmond company’s new ecosystem will also have to be seriously improved. Action replay continues!

Microsoft says the SDK also includes emulators and additional tools for profiling and testing a Windows Phone app under real-world conditions. With the 120,000 apps currently available at the Windows Phone Store may seem significant on paper, but unfortunately, it’s dwarfed by the Apple’s App Store and the Google Play, which boast a cumulative sum total of around 1.4 million. Still has to be a wide selection available to users of Windows Phone 8 devices to gather momentum, though the alternative interface and array of promising won’t be enough whatsoever.

In fact from the point of developers view, iOS is currently the platform of choice, but with Windows Phone 8 presenting a new slate on Microsoft platform.

When talking about Windows Phone 8, unlike Apple and Google’s mobile OSes, WP8 doesn’t stick with the basic widgets and icons, which wer have lared seen developer create some great marvels on Windows Phone 7.x versions. Wait and see who will be the successor!

It said that, “Windows Phone 8 now provides an end-user experience on par with iOS and Android. The public release of the developer SDK finally makes it possible to nail a critical component of mobile adoption, the broader app ecosystem.”

If you wish to download the Windows Phone 8 SDK, then please hit this link for further details. Obviously needs to be running Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro, and your system 64-bit setup will need 4GB of free hard disk space and 4GB RAM installed. Requires a processor that supports Second Level Address Translation (SLAT).

In order to take advantage of the Windows Phone 8 Emulator, you will need to be running Windows 8 Pro edition or greater. After ensuring all requirements, go ahead and download the new Emulator.