Windows Phone 8 Finally Hits RTM, Expected To Reach OEMs Soon!

According to the recent reports from publications, Microsoft has internally finalized Windows Phone 8 as “code complete” or, in particular terms, released to manufacturing (RTM). Complete details after the jump!

So, the anticipated Windows Phone 8 mobile OS is said to be nearing public release as Microsoft has apparently shipped the RTM. The news that comes from Mary Jo Foley – a blogger who focuses on covering Microsoft – over on ZDNet in the form of a post in which she cites her “contacts” who have confirmed to her that Microsoft has shipped Windows Phone 8 Apollo to manufacturers for final integration in their smartphones.

Speaking of Windows Phone 8 that may not have a firm release date, but reports are showing off that just been released to manufacturing, so that they can work on their way of the equation, like hardware production. Foley’s report is separately confirmed by photos posted online by a Microsoft employee showing other Microsoft employees signing on a large poster of Windows Phone 8 Apollo. The poster has a tile that very clearly says RTM – release to manufacturing.

According to LiveSino, pictures posted to Chinese social network Sina Weibo show members of the Windows Phone team signing a banner marking the milestone. The purported photo shows Terry Myerson, Corporate Vice President of the Windows Phone Division, was caught signing his name alongside others.

Finally, Microsoft employees 'sign off' on Windows Phone 8 RTM

Officially, still no words from Microsoft to share at the moment about the development state or release date of Windows Phone 8.

It was first shown back in June, that Windows Phone 8 comes with a very solid bunch of new features including core components being shared with Windows 8+ native code support for easier development, support for multi-core chips, HD displays, microSD cards, an all new Start screen, Nokia Maps, video chat integration for VoIP services like Skype, in-app purchases, and more off, the support for screenshot capturing.

After the official release of the handset OS is also expected pre-orders will begin for WP8 specific handsets like Nokia Lumia range. The Lumia 920 with PureView will be first among those smartphones to come with Windows Phone 8.

We have no idea on how Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 will compete with the Apple’s recently revealed iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III. The release date, too, is not yet confirmed at the moment but there are murmurs of it launching in late October as expected along with Microsoft Surface tablet and the final Windows 8 desktop-based operating system, publicly.

However, the owners of current Windows Phone 7.x will not be getting Windows Phone 8, though will get Windows Phone 7.8 that includes the all new start screen and other features from Windows Phone 8.

The big game starts with the Microsoft and Nokia’s most important iterations “Windows Phone 8” and “Nokia Lumis 920”. Can they put their hands competing against the smartphone industry? As Apple’s iOS / iPhone, Google’s Android OS and Samsung Galaxy S series of smartphones.

If today’s report is accurate, Microsoft will be officially announcing Windows Phone 8 RTM in the next few days or so. Apollopsy!