Windows 8 Store To Accept PEGI 18 Game Submissions Rated 18+?

Today, we’ll talk about Microsoft who have announced that come to its senses and its also strange that Windows Store has lifted the mature games ban, means that its Windows Store in the Windows 8 operating system will begin accepting games with a PEGI 18 rating. 18+ doesn’t mean that only adults can play such games and built only for them, it actually refers that can be player by those over 18 years. Grand Theft Auto IV and The Witcher are both making their submissions way to Microsoft’s newly walled garden to prove their claim, with more and latest expected to follow on.

This move from Microsoft was prompted by a large outcry from gamers, who saw the ban on “mature” titles as censorship. The Windows 8 app certification requirements have been updated to reflect this official announcencement.


Apps with a rating over PEGI 16, ESRB MATURE, or that contain content that would warrant such a rating, are not allowed, unless the app is a game, is rated by a third party ratings board, and otherwise complies with these certification requirements. Metadata and other content you submit to accompany your app may contain only content that would merit a rating of PEGI 12, ESRB EVERYONE, or Windows Store 12+, or lower.

The published games titles that receive PEGI 18 ratings, like the new Halo 4 are in clear and as part of this announcement, Redmond pointed out that Microsoft Family Safety software is also included with Windows 8 allows parents to have control the types of apps children can install, and play games.

From the announcement:

In welcoming PEGI 18 games into the Store, we again reinforce two principles—flexibility and confidence—fundamental to the Windows Store. We recognize that people have come to expect and appreciate rich gaming experiences on Windows and this includes games rated PEGI 18. We also want to ensure that every customer using the Store can browse and acquire apps with confidence.”

“Windows has long been a favourite platform for games of all types, and age rating support for PEGI 18 is another step forward in a rich tradition of supporting gaming on Windows,” according to Microsoft’s Ted Dworkin.


As mentioned above that The Witcher and GTA IV will soon be coming to the Windows Store. (Source