Windows 8 RTM Build 9200 Leaked Online Ahead Of Official Launch, Not To Download It

Microsoft yesterday confirmed that it has completed the development and testing of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system ready for a full public release. Microsoft is on the cusp of giving Windows 8 the green light for RTM and while we have heard that 9200 is the official build, and the Redmond company has yet to come forward to formally announce this build is RTM. With the design and development of the latest version of Windows, making sure to keep users involved in every step of the way with regular preview releases for testing purposes.

The screenshot you can see it below is from build 9200 that shows off a new theme that will ship with final Windows 8. According to The Verge It appears that the final build of Windows 8 – which is the RTM build – has somehow managed to find itself being leaked onto the internet web, it’s awesome. This news comes only a day after Microsoft announced the Windows 8 RTM after completing all development works on the OS.

It is expected that after Microsoft signs off on the RTM, it will hit TechNet and several other Microsoft developer channels (MSDN) in the near future. The version of the OS that has managed to escape to certain file sharing sites is the secondary N edition which Microsoft was been forced to create due to some European Commission rulings which states that the company need to offer a new version of their popular operating system without Windows Media Player included.

Officially on August 15th, the copies of Windows 8 can be grabbed being a premium subscribers to MSDN and TechNet, that been slated. General users and those who are looking forward to purchase a copy of Windows 8 will be able to do so on October 26th. Along with that will come Microsoft’s first party tablet, the Surface RT; the Surface Pro will ship at a later date.

If you saw any torrent file stating and claims that is to be the Windows 8 build 9200, then ignore it, it’s just a fake one floating around. Careful not to download it and install it on your Microsoft PC.

The sites that are hosting the leaked Windows 8 RTM build and we strongly recommend that all users stay away from it in favor of the official Windows 8 build when it becomes available for download later on.