Windows 8.1 Reportedly Set To Bring Back The Win8 Start Button

According to some speculations, Microsoft is now preparing to revive the traditional Start button which it killed with Windows 8 operating system. Sources familiar with the Redmond-based software company have revealed the plans about Windows 8.1 update, that will not only include the return of the Start Button, but with the boot to desktop option also rumored earlier this month. Details are placed to check out after the jump!

Start button is such feature that will act as a method to simply access the start screen on any Windows versions, and that was not integrated in the newly launched Windows 8 versions OS. The button is said to look near-identical to the existing Windows flag used in the Charm bar. Though Microsoft originally removed the start button on Windows 8, but after consumers feedback that company is said, seems to bring back (reintroducing) the Windows 9 Start button in the upcoming Windows 8.1 version. Although the new OS update is under development, which will be released later this year.


Now, the boot to desktop option on Windows 8.1 update is also planned. Microsoft is reportedly set to add an option to allow users to boot directly to the traditional desktop environment in future builds of the Windows 8 upgrade. However, most of internal builds of Windows 8.1 won’t include the Start button or boot to desktop options, but according to the Microsoft planning on how to add these into the new operating system.


If Microsoft does end up adding the Start Button and boot to desktop options to Windows Blue(aka Windows 8.1), it won’t be the first time in recent history that the Windows client team has gone back and changed the Windows UI based on user dissatisfaction. After 1.5 million downloads of Pokki, a Start Menu replacement, and other similar tools suggest that Windows 8 users still want the Start button and Start Menu.


What do you think about Microsoft would adding these two user-requested options soften resistance to Windows 8, especially among Microsoft’s much-needed business user camp? If it’s accurate, then we may see the Start button return in the upcoming Windows 8.1 Public Preview, if not expect to see it in the final version due later this year. Stay tuned!