WiFi Camera Snapper Lets You Remotely Control Camera On One iPhone Using Any Other iOS Device

Have you ever heard about capturing images on your smartphone on a regular basis and all can be done with a remote control? There are several ways to enhance the photo snapping experience like this app, which we are going to talk about. Well, million and one applications out there for adding effects, cropping, highlighting, and gesture-based morphs. In general, manipulating images, a new version of app in the form of WiFi Camera for iOS offers a new feature we’ve yet to see from any other application.

Which, it allows you to connect two devices up over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, using one as a remote controller for the camera function of another. as simple as this new WiFi Camera app takes photos on your iPhone through someone else camera. If, for example, you like taking group photos but don’t want to shoot blindly, use the front-facing camera, or leave one person out of the shot, then WiFi Camera has your back.

It’s ability is simple as adding a remote button from which you shoot images, though. As in the case when you remote desktop your home computer from work, for example, you’ve almost full control over your prospect device from your connected device, and as being able to heck out the camera view before picking our moment to snap the shot, you can simply opt to save the full-resolution image on both iDevices.

Obviously, you’ll need to have WiFi Camera running on both devices in question in order to experience the features of the app. Despite its name, it of course work over Bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi, and works with any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 5.0 or higher, and not on Android. Because the iOS bluetooth functionality isn’t supported by any other firmware devices, like (Nokia Lumia, Windows Phone, Galaxy S III and BlackBerry).

So, you can connect any iOS devices fitting the aforementioned criteria, providing that at least one of which has a camera. If you need to snap a group shot or otherwise remote control an iPhone camera, the best way to do it is with another iPhone. Each phone needs a copy of WiFi Camera installed, and they need to be on the same Wi-Fi network or connected via Bluetooth.

I am not a serial photo shooter, though, I might want to check this one out just for the fun of it, excited to try. It’s a free of charge iOS app, without any risk factor on our part, and it’s the latest one makes its first entry to Apple’s App Store. Redefined perfectly!

With its simplicity, it’s a super easy way to wirelessly connect your iOS devices and snap those hard-to-get shots. Can be downloaded from the link provided below. Share your thoughts if you have install it and snapped any photographs via Facebook and Google+ pages.

(Source: WiFi Camera – Wireless connector for your iPhone/iPad cameras on App Store)

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