WhatsApp Is Reportedly To Be Acquired By Facebook?

There are millions of smartphone users who are familiar with the WhatsApp messenging app that allows individuals to send some and private real-time messages to one another. This app that has been grabbed the top chart of paid category on the iOS App Store for the last three years, but also the versions available for Android, BlackBerry, Nokia’s Symbian and Windows Phone, now it seems that the future direction of the service is going to be changed, with reports suggesting that Facebook the most popular social giant is planning to add their recent actuation of Instagram by consuming WhatsApp.

According to the recent reports that surfaced on TechCrunch saying that WhatsApp Messenger, a popular cross platform messaging application, is in talks to be acquired by Facebook. The unnamed sources are claiming that Facebook and the Sequoia backed WhatsApp have been in talks for quite some time over the potential acquisition, but no official details have been released on the finances involved in this deal yet.

How long these talks have been ongoing or what Facebook actually intends to do with the service and platform if a deal was agreed is yet to be confirmed. Considering the cross-platform messaging app serves more than one billion messages each day and the only fear would be that Facebook would integrate the technologies into their own services and close all the current WhatsApp system?

Its said that, Whatsapp’s explicit disavowal of advertising as a revenue source could even work in its favor during acquisition talks. Facebook’s been on a bit of a buying spree this year, as we all know about the $1 billion Instagram deal. The purchase of the Instagram app/service signaled Facebook’s intention to focus on the nearly five billion mobile users in the world and considering the Mark Zuckerberg’s company has declared their belief that the “next big thing is obviously going to be mobile”, and the purchase of WhatsApp would affirm that intention.

Of course the usage pattern of WhatsApp also fits in extremely well with the core concepts of the Facebook service, in that it allows users to stay in touch with friends and family on a veriety of platforms no matter where they stay.

Whatsapp, the multiplatform mobile messaging app that has been one of the runaway success stories for ad-free, paid services, has been in talks to be acquired by Facebook, according to sources close to the matter. We’re still digging around on potential price and other details about how advanced the deal is. But as mobile becomes the latest battleground in the Internet’s game of thrones, you can see how such a deal could make sense.”

This new WhatsApp doesn’t contain ads, and therefore doesn’t generate any ongoing revenue for the company or the financial backers. However, Facebook being a complete free service to use that relies on ad revenue, acquiring WhatsApp would at least diversify their revenue stream and provide some income from global sales of the app. Officially, this rumors will be unfolded in coming weeks and months, but should be sure to get their fill of WhatsApp before it becomes a Facebook’s premium product. (via TechCrunch)