VLC (Beta) For Android Gets Updated, Brings Awesome ICS Integration And Move-To-SDcard

VideoLAN’s VLC Media Player is one among those stood top in media player range amongst consumers either as desktop or mobile audio/video player. The best part makes it better handling just about any media format you can play through it, that is the reason it becomes the best media player in the business world, however that VLC Media Player was pushed out from the App Store for any reason by Apple, but it continued its era, offering an iteration for Google’s Android platform.

VideoLAN is based on open-source company fits with the popular desktop apps, have yet to make a real impression on mobile devices. Its flagship VLC Media Player on the fruit company is famously stict with regards to which apps are given permission to retail, and although The VLC player was initially allowed through, it wasn’t been long before Tim Cook’s company decided it didn’t followed the Ts and Cs. Still, the beta version of VLC Media Player hits the Android earlier this month, and today, the VideoLAN has offered a series of useful updates as well.

This means gets the ability to fix bugs and improved performance enhancement, the new beta provides better integration with Android 4.0 and 4.1, and offers a couple of interesting new array of features. Notebly the “Move-To-SDCard” one can easily move their entire media from VLC to SDcard, and the responsiveness of the app is now just that little bit sharper.’

However, there been plenty of other media player apps available for Android, playing around as the third-party tweaks, but a few are better than VideoLAN, and many Driodsters have their own choice, regarding MX Player becomes favorite and best for many. In my thought VLC once out of beta, will surely take the pride of place as the number one choice for the majority of consumers owning Android handsets.

Whatever it gets, but now still a beta release, so many may not perform at a level you would be expecting. Download it from the link below, and let us know how you feel about the new features by dropping us a comment or share it on Facebook or Google+ page.

Download VLC (Beta) for Android [Google Play link]