New 13? MacBook Pro Specs Reportedly Leaked, Will Feature Ivy Bridge, USB 3.0, But No Retina Display

Upcoming Mac Price And Specification Sheet Leaks Out, 15-Inch MacBook Pro With Retina Display Possible Launch Date

With the third-gen new iPad having released back in March and the next iPhone is expected sometime this fall, while this years WWDC expected to reveal a MacBook refresh. Rumors surfacing on the internet all about Apple is working hard to bring the highly anticipated Retina display to its latest notebook range, this screenshot of a reported specs list of a new MacBook Pro suggests otherwise.

Yesterday, according to the reports detailing the next 13-inch MacBook Pro specs sheet, detailing to feature Intel’s delayed Ivy Bridge chips, as well as USB 3.0, which would be render an already smooth and fast notebook even more of a force to be reckoned with, and can compete with Intel’s own Ultrabooks though. No doubt the Retina display would look fantastic on the MacBook Pro, plenty have rallied against the idea – no less because of the increased battery constraints and subsequent additional bulk.

New 13? MacBook Pro Specs Reportedly Leaked, Will Feature Ivy Bridge, USB 3.0, But No Retina Display

The specs list was posted by Weiphone, and although you wouldn’t need to be a Photoshop wiz to cook up a plausible list, but in past with an accurate information, we cannot ignore whether the specifications are accurate or not.

Today with the courtesy of the guys over at 9to5Mac, we came up with some little more legitimate information. Wit next week’s WWDC, the talk of an MacBook Pro refresh is really hotting up, and this latest leak details the prices – in the US and Australian dollars – of the Mac range, and with other associated peripherals though.

The report from the 9to5Mac states that this image represents the full pricing for the upcoming Macs, and the list also includes the added Retina 15″ MacBook Pros which have been rumored on and off for some time now, and use the same Intel Ivy Bridge chips, it’s long since been known that Apple would bring favoritism when it come to this Bridge processor, and however there are several other ultrabook vendors looking to get their hands-on them. While the fruit company is the first to bid on the limited initial batch.

The “Standalone kit” is likely to represent iPod shuffles, which, in the grand scheme of things, don’t quite get us as excited as the Macs. After all these conclusions, now apperas as though we’ll be seeing at least one Retina MacBook Pro launch next week.

After Samsung, Microsoft and Sony have talked about software for much of this week, its good to see the final upgraded hardware. What’s a big deal in WWDC’ 12, is it really huge?

Recent reports suggesting that the MacBook Air may also get a Retina display look like the tablet got in the form of new iPad 3, but would be needed to support the battery-draining, uber-sharp screen, which can be implemented only on the Pro. What you think!

With the announcement of the latest version of iOS 6 firmware, Apple expected to reveal 3d-mapping which will be a major upgrade, and as you all know that the OS 6 rumored to be featuring Siri for iPad, iPhone, iPod touches along with Macs. Aprt this, the specific improvements to the Mac and MacBook Pro, the sixth edition of fruit company’s mobile OS will also be pointed.

While the event starts from June 11th at 10AM, we VSS Zone will let you know what’s newly announced and about advancements in technology made, all in expected round-the-clock coverage of everything WWDC.