Unlocked iPhone 5 Purchases Limitation Removed, Customers Can Now Buy As Many Devices As They Like

Finally, Apple has removed the tow-per-customer restrictions on factory unlocked iPhone 5 purchases which was a long-lasting limiting users to buy a maximum of two unlocked iPhone 5s, with the Apple’s iPhone 5 launch has to be considered a great success, despite the initial launch sales figures falling statement short of exception, the Cupertino company’s ability to sell the taller device was actually hindered by yield constraints, and with Foxconn struggling to produce numbers required by Apple. Tim Cook for that reason placed a limitations on how many unlocked devices every individual customers could grab at any one time.

Apple’s move over a maximum of two unlocked iPhone 5s per customer slapped on the sought-after device, which allowed more people to get a look-in. Not only could only two be purchased at any one time, but a lifetime limitation of ten units was also placed on every Apple account. Yest, I mean any consumer can now grab up to ten unlocked iPhone 5s at a time, although Apple sits on the top of production and it will be settling there for a long time with this restriction of limits removal.

The lifetime limitation has been relaxed to 999, however in my thought no one will purchase more than two and going for many units is somewhat? For that many units may cost a grand total of $648,351, so think about it if you have a two-third of million bucks burning in your purse, you might want to treat yourself.

This was upto the unlocked iPhone 5S and whether it will count the same be said for the iPad mini? It still remains limited to two per customer per time. May be Apple is planning to manage to get the production of smaller tablet numbers to speed with demand, then it will certainly follow the footsteps of the iPhone 5 with a more accurate buying policy.

The new iPhone 5 is a redesigned device certainly did not help matters. Assemblers struggled with the anodized aluminum back-plate, which is prone to scratching on the black+slate model. In-store iPhone 5 stock is also said to be stable, in most cases allowing customers to walk in and purchase an iPhone 5 without prior reservation, it’s great everything now appears to be in order. (via CultofMac)