Twitter Reportedly To Add Instagram-Style Photo Filters For Its Mobile Apps

Great to here that Twitter is planning to clone the features of one of the most popular rivals mixed reactions to its mobile apps, to add Instagram-like photo filters to the phone platforms. Twitter, has once tried to purchase Instagram and now is set to launch a service that competes with it. According to a report from The New York Times!

While Twitter hasn’t gone on record about this forthcoming feature, the motto that Twitter’s sticking to with the rumors that the company’s planning to add photo filters to its mobile applications. The company is preparing a range of photo filters users can add to pictures uploaded to Twitter, with the update launching in the coming months or so.

Then, soon you can be able to take all kinds of “hipster” pics with your Twitter app on your phone, mimicking the service already provided by competing photo-snapping app Instagram. Facebook, the only one top in the social network listings has acquired (purchased) Instagram earlier this year, while Twitter and Instagram remain tightly integrated, and Twitter would perhaps prefer its users to stay on its own platform for taking and sharing photos rather than using Facebook-owned product for all of their photo-sharing needs.

Twitter, at one point, was actually considering making an acquisition to pick up a photo service of its own – a move hastened by Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram for $1 billion in cash in stock. The New York Times, says, “Twitter ultimately decided that the various photo services it was eyeing cost too much for what they offered, and that the company could just go ahead and build out its own photo capabilities itself. Hence the rumored – but not-yet-official – news that said Instagram-like photo filters are going to be on their way within the next few months.

When talked about Twitter and Instagram, Twitter users have to click to get to the photos, and many of those are Instagrams to begin with. Yet another advantage with Instagram is: you can post pictures to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously. Now what? Check it out!

Twitter could be pretty beneficial and to take full advantage, it must add the photo-filtering service on its own website. Instagram still allows via its iPhone or Android apps, but its also suggested back in July that could be changed apparently.

Facebook hasn’t given any indication that it would start restricting the services that Instagram can plug into and when talked about Facebook – was working on its own photo filtering app before the Instagram purchase, one which ultimately got poor marks from reviewers. With the Instagram’s secret sauce – a combination of the right filters, easy sharing and fast loading — isn’t all that easy to replicate.

Now Instgarm has 100 million users and counting, and from Twitter, we got no official words that really want to add some huice of Instagram-style photo filters to its mobile apps yet. But, a better photo sharing is what their users like to, use to, if it’s just as good as Instagram.

Would it be the best move that fits in with the ever-increasing amount of control Twitter wants over its platform? Share it via Twitter, Facebook and Google+ pages.