Tweedle For Android Is A Fresh, Simple, And Ad-Less Twitter Client Now Available

After Facebook when it comes to social networking on the move, Twitter is one belongs to that category occupied its place. FB remains by the far the world’s largest social client with over millions of smartphone and tablet users moving around hunting for friends. With simple niche, and updating your followers on-the-fly, The Twitters gets the most unique option.

Looking for a Twitter Android client? Which is free, ad-less, and simple, here’s all new twitter client is in the house which has been rolled out by “Handler Exploit” team and is way simpler, clean and also comes with the native ICS look with smart customization options. Almost a trillion Twitter apps out there available for iOS and Android, and sorting through the best of them can be a bit not an easy task. The official twitter app is, much like its Facebook counterpart, but not on all platform, and if you are in love tweeting your <140 on a frequent basis, you’ll surely find with the user those prefer apps like TweetBot, InstaTweet, or similar to that.

The newer HandlerExploit’s Tweedle for your smartphone makes soime sense, which arrived as a clean and minimalistic an app that you could hope for, and all in all its a free client offers no hidden surprises, or advertisements, rather charming Twitter app out there awaiting to sit on your Android right now.

This client doesn’t come with confusion filled options but surely comes with all that which a basic twitter client needs and offers similar features that the original twitter for Android client do.  This Ad-Free version Tweedle is only eclipsed by the enthusiasm of the development team to offer even more features to an already impressive roster. The all new twitter client supports the latest Jellybean 4.1 firmware laden devices and the minimum firmware it will work on is the Eclair 2.1 firmware version.

You can select your own color scheme, which is a nice bit of personalization, already poses support for TwitLonger, and knowing about what’s upcoming in this app would be more interesting, whereas what HandlerExploit rightly describes as a “young, still growing” app for Android. Like; Tweet filtering, tablet support, multiple account support, configurable pages, home screen widgets, lists and trending with mute filtering. Although if you’re using a Nexus 7 after testing it, works pretty well on the Google-ASUS collaborative device (tablet).

If you want to install this app from desktop then make sure that you have an active 3G / Wi Fi connectivity in your phone and also you will be required to sign in to your Google Account. For a smooth, clean twitter experience, then Tweedle is certainly worth considering. Grab it right now!

Download Tweedle for Android Twitter Client [Google Play link]