Transform Your Windows 7 Into A Gaming PC Using Alienware Skin Pack 2.0 – Download Now!

What you would do when you get a new computer with a graphic card assembled inside it? Well I would customize my desktop with some awesome wallpapers or install themes on it if I am running Windows operating system and also add some gadgets in the sidebar too. Apart this, we have some great transformation packs available right now on the internet web. So, I decided to share some of the free skin packs for you which can be implemented on your Windows PC. First I want to give you an amazing gaming-like look to your system, for that you have to read the below post. I am sure you’ll be grabbing it quickly after that.

As you all know about the Alienware-based laptops which were designed by Dell, who manufactures the world’s best high-performance PC gaming laptop and desktop computers as well. In my site I like to review the Alienware M17X that’s the one that blown my mind with extra features and for a gamer that is the best gaming platform I ever seen. Apart this!

Here’s the Alienware skin pack version 1.0 which was released in the past year 2011 with an installation launcher app that changed my PC into a gaming desktop computer within seconds. Now the same designer pushed another version of the theme pack in the form of Alienware 2.0 theme for all the Windows users running on 7 OS, XP and Vista either 32-bit or 64-bit versions.

This Alienware skin pack 2.0 comes in two different color variants one is “blue” and the other is “red”. Both are now available from DeviantArt for free. Other features like simulation, editing audio,Video editing are also taken into consideration while optimizing the hardware configuration!

If you are interested in downloading and installing on your Windows-based computers or laptops, then head over to the links below to grab them all.

Download Blue Alienware Skin Pack 2.0 for Windows 7/XP/Vista [32/ 64-bit]

Download Alienware “red” theme pack version 2.0