Transform Your iPhone 4S / 4 Into The iPhone 5 Magically With Sticker

Well, the iPhone 5 is finally here, and already started taking pre-orders and some will get it on a couple of days and the anticipation haven’t ended up yet – others thinking of purchasing directly from the Apple Store, but with a little amount of hundreds of millions out there that simply cannot afford it.

For its hardware design and look Apple charges the price for its praised smartphone and those who are posing with the iPhone 4’S and feeling a little ubset of not getting the iPhone right on your hands currently – magic comes in the form of a sticker that can make your handset look like the iPhone 5.

This could be an amazing solution you’ve ever thought or seen before. I am not ready yet to purchase a new iPhone 5 set, but this Magical iPhone 4S / 4 Life Extension Sticker is awesome that basically just a skin that makes my iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S look like tow-toned back plate of an iPhone 5.

This sticker – which superimposes that aluminum “slate” onto the rear of your device – will not make it any longer. Nighter it will change your 30-pin dock connector to the new lighning port though. In fact, all aesthetic changes aside from the back panel will be overclocked on your very own special edition of the “iPhone 5”.

We are familiar with some of themes and transformation packs and launchers that can bring or turn your iPhone into something that isn’t possible into your device, though it’s not the reality but the look and design of the internal home screen, icons and folder can make some sense of feeling that you are running or booting up an Windows OS, Mac OS X Mountain Lion or something like that. But those are tweaks and apps that makes everything. But this isn’t like that, probably changes the look and feel by attaching a sticker on your iPhone 4 / 4S and turns it into look-like the iPhone 5, and magic goes live.

The images of the product popped up on Reddit, and it is unknown whether somebody is actually selling the stickers, although if they aren’t gone for public sale, there are several people out there looking and pay for such type of economical “upgrade,” and those tricked by the Kimmel Show sketch into thinking the iPhone 4S was the new iPhone 5 would of course pay hundreds of dollars.

What would make the iPhone 5 grab the fair share of critics? The aluminum uni-body finish certainly looks the major part, and though many had hoped the two-tone look stopped with the “white” iPhone 3GS, the subtle contrasts of the respective iPhone 5 colors add a certain sophistication to the aesthetics.

Don’t expect more from the magical sticker for your iPhone 4 or 4S, which only gives the iPhone 5’s aluminum-look blackplate, and makes your friends tricking them into thinking you’ve the new device. Could be possible? As we get any information regarding where these stickers can be had or for how much, we’ll certainly update this post accordingly. Thanks to Redmondpie and CutltoMac for this amazing skin pack.