Transform Your Android Device Into An iPhone 5 Running iOS 6 Using This Home Launcher

In this technology world of smartphones there millions of Apple fans those doesn’t prefer to look at Android or Windows. But there are Android users whom despise everything made by Apple. If you’re one of those who can appreciate elements of more than an operating system, then you can check this exclusive launcher, which gives your Android home screen a look posing an iPhone.

It is called the Fake iPhone 5 Launcher, and despite the questionable name, it is actually a full featured launcher. From the author of “Fake iPhone 4S” this brand new and improved version features all the visual styles of iOS 6. Android is as you know is the most popular mobile operating system and has a big hype amongst people around the world. This app is a full-screen working replica of the iPhone 5 home screen.

Apple has released the latest iOS version and currently shows up with the iOS 6 tag, is subject to much negative publicity tanks, in large part, to its lack of Maps app. Apple claimed 200+ changes were made from iOS 5, but the Cupertino company failed to stipulate was, not all of those changes would be positive progression.

That said, iOS 6 has clean, smooth home screen is always had, and if you are an Android user appreciative of that look, and not necessarily the OS itself, then the apparently entitled Fake iPhone 5 Launcher may be of some assistance to you to replicate or transform.

This new fake home launcher includes only four rows and 15 icons which mimic the look of Appleā€™s SpringBoard, while those running iOS 6 has enjoyed five rows and you can too. According to the recent polls and being an iPhone 4 / 4S user I admit that not satisfied running iOS 6 on iOS 5 and I had downgraded to 5.1.1, and waiting for the untethered iOS 6 jailbreak to experience the new look without any hassle. Apple’s new firmware isn’t as good as it talked.

I want to tell you something about the Apple’s new software update. We not only need to design but we also need Cydia tweaks (after jailbreak) and many other applications as well to decide whether the new iOS firmware is perfect or not. While it came with PassBook, Facebook integration, and many other wanted overhaul but it needs something more.

Speaking of Fake iPhone 5 transformation pack, also includes a clone of the iOS’s status bar. The developers recommend using the launcher on a Samsung Galaxy S II, S III, Galaxy Nexus, or a phone with a Super AMOLED+ display. You can add your very own custom wallpapers, and the launcher also offers a Spotlight-esque search feature when you swipe to the left.

I had already published an iPhone 5 theme for Android in the past and now it comes in yet another launcher style. I prefer to keep my iPhones look like iOS, and my Androids looking like running on Google software, and only for this reason I test it on my devices and push out for public activity.

Download Fake iPhone 5 Launcher for Android [source: Google Play Store]