Transform Your Android Device Into An Ultimate Gaming Console With GameKlip PS3 Controller [VIDEO]

Are you a big gamer and thinking about playing PlayStation games on your Android phone with the help of controller adapter in order to get all the key features attached to it similarly you play on Xbox 360 and PlayStation consoles? Then, here’s a new adopter called GameKlip that helps you make using your PS3 controller to game on your Android smartphone with a smile.

Well being a fan of games and smartphones like iPhone, or Android-powered devices you will be usually playing games on it but its been difficult time adjusting to gaming on any device. While its easy to play Angry Birds, becuase that is one handed touch-screen controls enabled one, but when you think of using the same action on full console-quality titles like May Payne, GTA, or like Shadowgun then you will be not confortable playing them with your both hands. Which means you need more controls and needs bigger guns, I mean physical controls.

Developers have helped address this issue by introducing applications that allows users to take their PS3 controllers and connect it to their phones/tablets/etc. Now comes, the GameKlip that provides an easy way to gain more control whilst gaming on your smartphone, and holds your smartphone firmly in place allowing you to concentrate on your movements and tactics within the game your playing.

The GameKlip is a simple device and also an ultimate gaming accessory that attaches your phone to your PS3 controller creating a sort of mini-console, allowing you to quickly and easily fire off hadoukens and perform cross counters with ease as said above. But something to tell you about the controller.

First of all you will need a rooted phone to be able to use GameKlip wirelessly, but a USB wired version is available for non-rooted smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S3 being one of them that has full control over it.

For more information on GameKlip, please head over to the official website. GameKlip is now available to purchase for wirelessly for $15 or wired for $23.