Track iPhone/iPad Data Usage - My Data Usage Pro app

Track Your iPhone/iPad Data Usage with “My Data Usage Pro” App

A new app called “My Data Usage Pro” app is available in iTunes App Store for Download. Using “My Data Usage Pro” application, you can Keep Track of iPad/iPhone Data Usage. Many network providers, these days, keep restrictions on the Data Usage. So, the users would like to know about their iDevice Data Usage.
Track iPhone/iPad Data Usage - My Data Usage Pro app

“This is an Application that enables us to count every last byte you have Downloaded and hence fend off that scheming telecom provider who is waiting so that you exceed your monthly data limit and he can milk your hard earned money as outrageously overpriced penalties.”

To keep track of the Data Usage, My Data Usage Pro is the best app because you can keep track of the data you have used per month. It also gives information about How much data is still remaining to be used. My data Usage Pro is also Equipped with Early Warning System which warns you when the limit of the data usage is approaching and also gives you suggestions on how to optimally use the data plan.

My Usage Data Pro Application is available for Downlaod at iTunes App Store for $0.99.