Top Of The Best – iATS Alien For iPhone Dreamboard Theme [VIDEO]

Now available to download. Alien lovers who want to bring this onto their iOS devices will be happy to know about the genius behind the design and visual effects of the movie ALIEN. This is the first movie I have seen when I was 10 years old with my family. Because I like watching Sci-fi videos and especially about Aliens on YouTube. This iPhone theme is inspired by the work of H.R. Giger, designed for your Dreamboard enabled iPhone, iATS Alien which settled on Cydia store.

This isn’t the first time we are sharing you with such type of themes for iPhones, but it is pretty undeniable Dreamboard theme available right now. Created by AltoidDealer, Them3this and Schnedi, comes an extremely detailed UI setup that is sure to rock the socks off all theme enthusiasts whether your into the Alien series or not.

I purchased it and installed on my iPhone 4, my favorite iOS smartphone and uploaded a video on the channel which shows how it works with extraordinary features. Believe it or not, this iPhone theme is pretty considerable, the theme features a unified, pixel-perfect interface that clearly resembles the Alien series. Easily accessible from the Home Screen, as shown in the screenshots below. With 18 interchangeable widgets included in a variety of Add-ons that extend the iATS Alien UI experience further than most seen on most Dreamboard interfaces yet.

This Cydia tweak comes with optional sound effects and stunning, fluent animations that will surely impress you a lot. Once installed and launched, on the home screen  is one-touch access to Phone, Messages, Mail, Clocks, Safari, Photos, Calendar, Weather and 4 Customizable folders. Easily access all of your apps by tapping the “All Apps” section.

By pressing the button of each 4 widgets you can activate those 18 and easily switch them out with the touch of a button. Customize RSS feed which remains rather unobtrusive. Make you iPhone alive with some suitable constant animations on the go.

The 4 folders available in iATS Alien theme can hold up to 12 apps each and can easily be customized through the theme itself. Of the 18 widgets available there are 4 clocks, 4 calendars, 4 slideshows, a weather widget, and an RSS Feed. Add that with the plethora of add-on’s integrated and the theme quickly becomes quite exclusive and covers almost every angle you desire.

iATS Alien is now available as a Dreamboard iPhone theme on Cydia for download at the price of $2.99. Trust me you’ll really experience the Alien movie on your iPhone.