Top 15 Best iPhone 4S Themes Compatible To iOS 6.1

Being an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S and the latest iPhone 5 owner, you have been looking for themes and skin packs to personlize your Apple devices with some coolest, awesome looking and best HD themes, which are now available for free download. Transforming or turning your iPhone springboard into an gorgeous looking style gestures is a part of mobile theming. In order to achieve that here are some top of 15 best iPhone themes are waiting for you to install on your device. Before that you’ll need to know on how to download and install themes on your iPhone. Details after the jump!

Until now, there was no untethered jailbreak for iOS 6, but today, with the help of Team Evad3rs we got Evasion iOS 6.x jailbreak fiully untethered specially released to jailbreak iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad 4 and all older A4 chip devices on iOS 6.0 / iOS 6.1. Once your iPhone is jailbroken untethered you’ll ber able to install Winterboard from Cydia, which enables you to run themes on your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5’s.

top 15 best iPhonbe themes iOS 6

I am an iPhone 4 and 4S owner and was running iOS 5.1.1 on my devices because of no untethered jailbreak, and now I have updated my devices to iOS 6.1 firmware and jailbroken both 4 and 4S iPhones and installed Winterboard as well.

How to install Winterboard themes on iPhone 4S or iPod touch 4G:

First of all you have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch on iOS 6.x untethered and after that launch Cydia -> Search -> Winterboard and install it. Once rebooted your device you’re in to download free themes for your iPhone 4S and iPod touch.  It allows you to install and customize, add several widgets, wallpapers to your iDevice. Here is the list of 15 best iPhone 4S HD themes.

1. iTech HD for iPhone theme


2. Arebe1 HD iPhone 4S theme

Arebel HD iPhone 4S Theme

3. DemonyHD Theme for iPhone 4 / 4S


4. LiveOS HD+SD

LiveOS HD+SD Update 1

5. xQuisite Theme-HD+SD

xQuisite Theme-HD+SD

And the rest 10 best themes for iPhone, iPod touch are available right here at Also like to check the best iPad 3 themes!

Top 10 Best Winterboard Themes For iPhone & iPod Touch On iOS 5.1.1 [2012]

As being an iOS user I have to say that you can customize your device in different ways like replacing your springboard icons, folders, themes, change wallpapers and many more as been running a stock firmware. What to say about Themes for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? It’s awesome replacement gesture that only can happen when you jailbreak your iOS device. Otherwise, you have no chance to give your device an amazing look with lockscreens, home screen and many more. So, what do you think about giving your iDevice an heart touching look right now installing Winterboard themes. Details after this jump!

We have already shared some of our favorite cool Cydia themes for the iPad 2 in the past along with some best themes for iPhone 4S. Today, we are going to give you chance to replace your boring stock home screen with these awesome Winterbaord themes for your iPhone and iPod touch for a top-end gesture replacement to your device.

Before you begin, you have to just jailbreak your device running on iOS 5.0, 5.1, or 5.1.1 untethered, Winterbaord themes works fine with all these running firmware. Themes have been tested on my own iPhone 4 device and the screenshots you will see are all snapped on my smartphone itself. But the Cydia Winterboard themes were taken from different sharing sites with downloadable links below every picture.

Here’s how you can get the Winterboard tweak on your iPhone or iPod touch. Once your iOS device jailbroken. Launch Cydia and in the search bar type “winterboard“, and install it from there. Reboot your device and there you have successfully installed Themes pack installer on the device.

Now you will want to know how to install themes on your iOS device (iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 4G/3G and iPhone 3GS). By using this iSpirit you can do that in some easy steps, which shown below as screenshots.

Top Ten Awesome iPhone & iPod touch Themes For 2012

1. 1mpAct Winterboard Theme

Download 1mpAct theme for iPhone

2. DARK5iD3 HD Cydia Theme

Download Dark5id3 Cydia theme for iPod touch and iPhone 4S

3. iTronix iPhone theme with animated lock screen

Download iTronix theme for iOS 5.1.1

4. Radiance HD

Download RadianceHD for iPhone Winterboard theme

5. Yuki HD Winterboard

Download YUKI HD/SD theme for iOS 4/4S

6. Black5id iOS 5.1.x theme

Download Black5id3 HD theme for iDevices

7. Theme Final OS the best

Download Theme Final OS for iPhone & iPod touch

8.  14K HD Cydia

Download 14K HD+SD Cydia theme

9.  En4ceR HD Winterboard

Download En4cer HD/SD + Orange & Pink Mods

10. SENSE HD Theme

Download SENSE HD+SD theme for Winterboard

These are some of my best cydia themes for jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch running on iOS 5.1.1. Top winterboard means with HD quality that can amaze you come back for more. These are only the sample i have covered, you can get more if you share them on Facebook and Google+. Thanks to the site that provided these awesome HD iPod touch and iPhone themes compatible to iPhone 4S as well. Enjoy!

Top 10 Awesome Apps for Your iPhone 4S

Have an iPhone 4S? That is Awesome. But the Apple App Store consists of 500,000+ apps and hence findind the Best Apps for iPhone 4S is difficult task. SO, I have browsed through and found out the Must Have Applications for your iPhone 4S. The below are the Top Best Apps for your iPhone 4S.

Top 10 Best Apps for your iPhone 4S:

1. Pulse News :

Top iPhone 4 Apps
This is the ulimate app for news junkies. This app provides you with the news across various websites you choose. This app has a wonderful user interface and gives you the greatest news reading experience wihout any interruption.

2. Facebook:

Best iPhone Apps
Facebook for iPhone app was upgraded and has the better user experience. NOw, you can play your favourite Facebook game via Facebook app for iPhone. This app is also extremely fast and has smooth navigation.

3. Evernote:

Top 10 iPhone apps
Evernote is a must have app for iPhone 4S which helps to take notes quickly and save them. It also lets you to capture and save text, photo, audio notes to your database, so that you stay organised.

4. Forkly:

Awesome iPhone 4S apps
Forkly is a must have app for your iPhone 4S which helps you in fetching Restaurants and nice dishes nearby. So, you dont need to worry about where you have to eat and what to eat.

5. Instagram:

Best iPhone 4 apps
Instagram is an awesome app for Photographers. You can create beautiful and stylized photos with it. It has a great collection of filer effects and even you can add little tilt to your photos. You can even share these photos with your followers or even post them in other social networks.

6. Tiny Wings:

iphone 4S apps
A real Fun Game in which you should press and hold the screen to help your bird fly high over hills and fast from one island to another island. Though the game seems to be simple, it is a bit tricky.

7. CardMunch:

iPhone 4S apps
CardMunch is one of the best apps by LinkedIn, which helps you to transcribe business cards through photo scan and save the contact information to your addrss book. Thus, the information is kept safe and you dont need to worry about the loss of business card.

8. Expensify:

Best iPhone apps
Expensify assists you as a mobile expense tracking agent by recording your expenses and preparing a report. It also helps you to manage reports, scan the receipts and edit expense details.

9. Hipmunk:

Best iPhone 4S apps
Hipmunk is a cool app which helps you to find and book Flight Tickets via Hipmunk Flight Search. Hipmunk has a grid user interface which makes the flight comparison process easy.

10. Words With Friends:

Top iPhone 4S apps
Words with friends is Scrabble from Zynga with 20 million+ players. You can play this game with your friends or Facebook Buddies or even with he person sitting beside you. You can also play the game via Twitter and tweet your victories.

Top 5 Best Ebook Readers – 2011

Best Ebook readers for 2011 – Here are the Top 5 Best Ebook readers using them for business, school or vacation. A good Ebook Reader can help you take your desired or Favorite books with you anywhere you go. These are the Top 5 Best Ebook Readers for 2011 based on your opinion.

5 Best Ebook Readers:

1. Amazon Kindle – The awesome ebook reader in the market currently is Kindle Ebook Reader from Amazon. Amazon Kindle comes in a standard 6-inch model and have the largest 9-inch Kindle DX, priced at $114 for the ad-supported 6? model, Amazon Kindle with WiFi only version at $139 and for the Kindle 3G Model at $189 (6-inch) and ad-supported 3G Model at $139, Kindle DX 3G Model at $379.

Top 5 Best Ebook Readers

Amazon kindle has a High contrast E-Link display and has the capacity to store 3,500 Books from the Kindle Store. If you have a 3G Kindle Model, you can download books from anywhere with the help of built-in browser.

2. Sony Digital Reader Sony Digital Reader is the first Ebook Reader with E-Link.This Digital Ebook Reader is backed by Sony’s own eBook store. Sony has made great strides in partnering with public libraries for loaning programs and with local newspapers and magazine publishers to get periodicals on their devices.

Top 5 Best Ebook Readers

This Sony Digital Reader also supports side-loading books, reading PDF Documnents, and set up back for Pocket Edition at $179, and $229 for the Touch Edition and for the Sony Digital Edition at $299.

3. Apple iPad

Top 5 Best Ebook Readers

Actually, Apple iPad is not ab Ebook reader. But, with the help of iBooks, it has the ability to side load ebooks through alternative Ebook Stores and loaded with Books and PDF Documents that can be purchases from other sources.

Apple iPad is designed much more than a eReader. It will cost you $499 for the ipad 16GB WiFi Version, iPad 32GB at $599 and $699 for the Apple iPad 64GB model. Where the 3G connectivity is available through Verizon Wireless and AT&T for $629 for 16GB, $729 for 32GB and $829 for 64GB.

4. Barnes and Noble Nook/Nook Color – Barnes and Noble has made an impressive showing with the Nook and Nook Color since the two were released. The Nook Color, on the other hand, will set you back $249, runs a modified version of Android, has a 7-inch brilliant touch-screen, and is one of the most popular eReaders in its price range. The original Nook Color earns top marks for its 6-inch E-ink display with slim profile and priced at $139 for the WiFi model.

Top 5 Best Ebook Readers

5. Kobo Ebook Reader

Top 5 Best Ebook Readers

Kobo eReader Touch and Kobo Wireless eReader supports open ePub and PDF Documents allowing you to side-load from other ebook stores and sources. the Kobo 6-inch e-ink displays touch sensitive in the case of Kobo eReader Touch and have a Ling Battery life. Both Kobo Ereader Touch and Kobo Wireless Ereader comes in WiFi models but no 3G Available and set the price tag $129 in the US and Kobo Wireless Ereader costs $99.99.

10 Best Awesome Apps for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 is the Best mobile for the users and is provided with best rating. Nokia N8 consists of cool games and apps that provide your phone with more advanced options. I browse through many apps for my Nokia N8 and so, I have decided to provide you the Top 10 Awesome Apps for Nokia N8.

Top 10 Applications for Nokia N8 :

1. Angry Birds Seasons :

10 Best Awesome Apps for Nokia N8

Angry Birds is the most generous update giver of them all! If you already have Angry Birds Seasons, get the latest update by pressing the update button in the application’s main menu.

2. TRON Tanks :

10 Best Awesome Apps for Nokia N8

Enter the grid to play an updated version of the classic Tanks game from the Tron Arcade! Tanks are one of the most heavily armored military Programs in the TRON world. Patrol the GRID and destroy drones, turrets, and enemy tanks Collect power ups to upgrade cannons and grenades as well as special weapons that wield massive powers.

3. IBN Live for Nokia :

10 Best Awesome Apps for Nokia N8

Latest News Headlines, News reports, Live tv, Live news Photogalleries, Live Cricket scores get evrything from around the world in your hand. Make your nokia a news device with it.

4. Snaptu :

10 Best Awesome Apps for Nokia N8

Its a fast stylish and ll-in-one app  includes Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, News, Weather, Sports (Cricket, Soccer…) Movies, Sudoku and much more for your mobile everything for free grab it now.

5. Dark green Wood :

10 Best Awesome Apps for Nokia N8

This is a Drak Wood Skin with a green-accented icons.

6. Opera Mobile 10.1 :

Get a premium browsing experience with Opera Mobile. It is fast, smooth, and makes surfing the Web on a mobile device more fun and efficient than ever. A refreshed user interface looks better with your device and gives Opera Mobile a sleek, modern appearance.

7. Foreca weather Free :

10 Best Awesome Apps for Nokia N8

Ad-enabled ForecaWeather Free provides current conditions, 10 day weather forecasts and various weather animations for any location world-wide. You can choose from over 140.000 hand picked locations or you can retrieve forecasts for your current location using your phone’s GPS.

8. Whats App Messenger :

10 Best Awesome Apps for Nokia N8

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family.

9. Finger Print Scanner :

10 Best Awesome Apps for Nokia N8

Now you can  lock your phone and unlock it by using your finger print. You need to touch the screen with the finger and while scanning, there will be vibration and beep sounds. The phone will be unlocked not depend on whose finger it is, but on how many beeps or vibrations since your finger touch the screen.

10. Nokia Photo Browser :

10 Best Awesome Apps for Nokia N8

Nokia Photo Browser is an experimental photo browser that makes viewing your photos quick and fun.

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers – Free Download

Top 15 Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers – Some people want to make their Desktop look vibrant and colourful so that they can enjoy these widescreen wallpapers. Also, Apple Wallpapers are always in demand and favourite topic among Mac owners. Hence, I am presenting you the Top 15 Cool Widescreen Apple Wallpapers, so that you can use them and make your desktop look beautiful.

Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers :

1. Spring

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers



2. Apple Blur

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers


3.  Dime a Dozen

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers


4. Post It

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers


5. Flowerized Apple

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers

6. The Stripes

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers

7. Mac Wood Style

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers

8. Mac OS X

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers

9. Orangatang Wallpaper

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers

10. Mac Wallpaper

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers

11. Apple Rainbow

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers

12.  Navi Aurora

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers

13. Blue Grass

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers

14. Grunge Wallpaper

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers

15. Apple Grunge

15 Best Awesome Widescreen Apple Wallpapers

Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions – 2011

Top Google Chrome Extensions : The extensions and some of it’s features made Google Chrome very popular. Google Chrome also provides you with hundreds of external applications that comes in completely open source system, along with Chrome Extensions.
Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions
I use Google Chrome and have installed many Google Chrome Extensions for my need. I felt that i would give you an overview of my 10 favourite Google Chrome Extensions so that you can make your browsing faster and safer in Google Chrome.

Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for 2011

This is an AdBlocker Chrome Extension. It blocks the Ads automatically on website which are recorded in the internal database. This Extension is best for users at home.

Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions


Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions
StayFocused Chrome Extension blocks certain websites and adds a time to external sites which are not blocked, thus increasing productivity of the browser.

This WiseStamp Chrome Extension works with a GMail Account. This allows users to includde Social Media  and Social Network profile links in Email Signature.

4.Smooth Gestures
The Smooth Gestures Chrome Extension allows users to perform actions using a series of Pre-defined Mouse and Keyboard Gestures, like Swiping across the Screen or Scrolling up and Down. Smooth Gestures Extension is one of the best thing owning a Touch Screen Monitor.

5.Chrome Toolbox
The Chrome Toolbox extension by Google adds more advanced browser options and commands to spruce up any browsing experience. For example users can save unsubmitted internet form data for use later, view web videos in standalone windows, and can pre-define the browser to open all links in an external window.

6.Mail Checker plus for Google Mail
Mail checker plus for Google Mail uses GMail account and provides users with notifications of unread mails and allows you to have preview of new mail. It provides options such as spamming a mail or deleting it.

7.Official Facebook Extension
This is also called a Social Network Notifier. This Chrome Extension alerts and notifies the user when anything interesting happens in facebook. Now, you don’t need to log in to facebook to check out notifications.

8.Monster Jobs
The Monster Jobs Chrome Extension allows users to check for jobs and browse the internet simultaneously.

This is an E-Shopping Chrome Extension. This locates lower prices, coupons and Reviews on products while still allowing you to continue shopping.

10.Google Chrome Backup Extension
This Chrome Extension creates backups, restores and manages chrome profiles. Using this extension, you can maintain all history, backup Bookmarks. Now, if the system crashes, you can restore the lost settings in Google Chrome.

See also: How to Update your Chrome Extensions Manually

Top 10 Best DreamScenes for Windows 7

DreamScenes are rare to find in the Web and in that Top 10 Best DreamScenes for Windows 7, which i searched and selected for you ”Friends”. Now you are going to see these Top 10 Best DreamScenes those i selected for my friends and for me. I bet, you will select and grab all these Top 10 DreamScenes which are awesome looking and these can fit to your taste.

I have searched over the web for DreamScenes and managed to find them at I selected about 15 DreamScenes and from those, i chose these Top 10 Best DreamScenes for Windows 7. These 10 Best DreamScenes are for you too. Now, what are you waiting for, just grab these DreamScenes and set as your Desktop Background.

Check This :-

Top 10 Best DreamScenes for Windows :

1. Another View

Another View

2. Ubuntu

Ubuntu Dream Scene

3. MultiFire


4. Blood Cell


5. Tron Bike

Tron Bike

6. Fire Lord

Fire Lord

7. Teal-Hair


8. MultiColor

Multi Color

9. Green Sphere

Green Sphere

10. Flowers