Top 4 Best Cydia Alternatives For 2013 [iOS 6.1.x]

When talking about jailbreak an iOS device these days are morely accepted method of gaining iDevice freedom, while the Cydia platform has become synonymous with the act. If the Cydia icon or name appears on device, that indicates its jailbroken, with all of the jailbreak tools installing Cydia as a matter of course with each fresh jailbreak. If it’s that popular, then obviously it surely has a bit competition in the community.

Developers these days, if they want to package a tweak for sale or free download, the only real option would be make it available in Cydia store via one of the repositories. Substitute do exist, like hosting the debian (.DEB) file themselves but with Cydia having such large following and users refreshing sources daily it just doesn’t make commercial sense. Alternatives to Cydia in the past have seen was “Rock Yoyr Phone” which was actually acquired by SaurikIT and merged into one platform. However, there will be some healthy competition which would be in turn provide a better experience for the end user?

Best Cydia Alternatives

From the past and until now we have come through best alternatives. For Cydia we can treat this new services called iTweak, which exists on the world wide web and looks set to try and steal Cydia’s offerings by giving tweaks and applications for jailbroken devices. Because its an web-based service, users can be able to download any hosted packages directly to their devices, taking complete advantage of the usual things we have come to expect like unique user logins and account management faculties. Developed by @roktheworld27 and @mtamermahoney and now iTweak service is online with some information on the home page states as follows:

iTweak Store-Cydia iTweak1

Welcome to iTweak! iTweak is one of the best places to get all of your Tweaks, Themes, Utilities and more on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad! We serve as an alternative to Cydia, and the Apple App Store. For more information on multiple different topics, such as security information, our Mac and PC clients, or how to use iTweak, please tap ‘More Information’ below.

The iTweak home page features the look and feel of a native application and from the images has the ability to navigate directly to new and updated packages with all terms and service that users will need to abide by and can also find more about iTweak team.

2. Weblin: yet another latest alternative to Cydia. Weblin was thought of a web based sustitute for Cydia, but not better than Rock app. Once launched Weblin store on your iOS device, the homepage welcomes you with this:


We serve as an alternative to Cydia, and the Apple App Store. For more information on other different topics, such as security infor, our Mac and PC clients, or how to use Weblin, please tap ‘About’ above.


If you want to check this and try it on your device. Navigate to Cydia -> Sources -> Edit -> Add [].

Weblin is a Cydia alternative that can install packages and rejected app Store apps. But Weblin uses a different system than Cydia’s Apt system, it uses a whole new packaging system. This system however is still in the works so it will have bugs,, although the system is pretty fast. Weblin is a great web-based alternative that is for jailbroken devices and non-jailbroken devices, yes I mean it. A web-based store for Cydia packages with springboard icons and rejected App Store apps.

3. Yak is another alternative to Cydia, those offerings related to third-party apps. Now in the form of Yak, a new Cydia alternative landed in the BigBoss repository that aims to offer tweaks and apps similar to iTunes App Store. iDebStore was launched its way as best cydia substitute last year, the Weblin was the actual alternative that discovered to be iDebStore.


Yak, a Cydia store alternative themed just like Apple’s App Store and available straight from the BigBoss repo. Once installed, Yep allows you to browse all the Cydia store apps based on popularity, newness and Category list. Yak Cydia alt allows users to leave ratings on tweaks that they downloaded.

4. Icy is the next alternative in the list for Cydia store. Icy has a friendly-interface, it’s simillar to Cydia, but silky smooth now back and running. The Icy installer was originally developed by the RipDev Team who were a development team that were around since the very first jailbreak. They created many famous apps/installers such as the Icy installer and overall they made a big impact on the jailbreaking community.


Personally I would never use the Icy installer over Cydia because the Icy installer still needs a lot of work before it will reach the level Cydia is at. Icy is an alternative to Cydia that is actually 3 times faster than Cydia. In order to get Icy you will first need to download installer through the following repo:


Then you will need to add the following repo into installer and download Icy:


That’s it! For today, we’ll search for many other alternatives to Cydia in the future. Compatible to iOS 6.1.3 and above soon. Stay tuned to Vsszone.