Top 10 games for Nokia N8

Top 10 Awesome Games for Nokia N8

Nokia N8 is one of the Best Mobile Phones for the users. Nokia N8 consists of cool games, apps that provide your phone with more advanced options. I have already presented the Must Have Apps to Customize your Nokia N8. Now, I am presenting the 10 Best Awesome Games for your Nokia N8.

10 Best Awesome Games for Nokia N8

1. Dalton- The Awesome: Dalton- The Awesome is all about the crazy art style with Zombies chasing you. Various power-ups like skater, gunner, giant will entertain you. You can also shop with your collected zombie souls to upgrade your power-ups.

Top  10 games for Nokia N8

2. Road to Hell 3D: Road to Hell 3D is a free racing game. It consists of 13 selected races. Be Patient and smart to find the right way. Short-in game ads are also displayed before each race, therefore data connection is required.

Awesome games for Nokia N8

3. Waka vs Maka: An innovative new style of games, your goal is to remove the red “MAKA” without any green “WAKA” falling of the screen.

Top 10 games for nokia N8

4. High Speed 3D: Get ready to take streets in High Speed 3D. There are 20 tracks and 9 cars to choose from with a lot of customizations. This game has in-game ads and requires a data connetion.

Best games for Nokia N8

5. Bounce It: Use your fingers to draw lines at right places and angles to get the ballBounce towards the goal. Try to use as few lines as possible.

Games for Nokia N8

6. Copter It: The best copter flying game with enhanced graphics and beautiful details. Do not hit the obstacles or you will be smashed and the game is over.

Nokia N8

7. Air Hockey Multiplayer: The multiplayer version of airhockey is now available. Take a match with your friend and feel the speed and adrenaline. It works via bluetooth also.

Nokia N8 Games

8. Tic Tac Toe: This is the best versionof “Tic Tac Toe” game with rich and relaxing graphics with 3×3 and 6×6 game-play options.

N8 games

9. Mobi Archer: Shoot your arrow and be on your target. You might earn extra points by hitting the suspended star icons.


10. Solitaire Touch: This is a classic Solitaire game where you play by dragging cards from deck to deck in alternative colors and descending in number. After completion of game, the time spent is displayed.

Games N8

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