Top iPhone 4 Apps

Top 10 Awesome Apps for Your iPhone 4S

Have an iPhone 4S? That is Awesome. But the Apple App Store consists of 500,000+ apps and hence findind the Best Apps for iPhone 4S is difficult task. SO, I have browsed through and found out the Must Have Applications for your iPhone 4S. The below are the Top Best Apps for your iPhone 4S.

Top 10 Best Apps for your iPhone 4S:

1. Pulse News :

Top iPhone 4 Apps
This is the ulimate app for news junkies. This app provides you with the news across various websites you choose. This app has a wonderful user interface and gives you the greatest news reading experience wihout any interruption.

2. Facebook:

Best iPhone Apps
Facebook for iPhone app was upgraded and has the better user experience. NOw, you can play your favourite Facebook game via Facebook app for iPhone. This app is also extremely fast and has smooth navigation.

3. Evernote:

Top 10 iPhone apps
Evernote is a must have app for iPhone 4S which helps to take notes quickly and save them. It also lets you to capture and save text, photo, audio notes to your database, so that you stay organised.

4. Forkly:

Awesome iPhone 4S apps
Forkly is a must have app for your iPhone 4S which helps you in fetching Restaurants and nice dishes nearby. So, you dont need to worry about where you have to eat and what to eat.

5. Instagram:

Best iPhone 4 apps
Instagram is an awesome app for Photographers. You can create beautiful and stylized photos with it. It has a great collection of filer effects and even you can add little tilt to your photos. You can even share these photos with your followers or even post them in other social networks.

6. Tiny Wings:

iphone 4S apps
A real Fun Game in which you should press and hold the screen to help your bird fly high over hills and fast from one island to another island. Though the game seems to be simple, it is a bit tricky.

7. CardMunch:

iPhone 4S apps
CardMunch is one of the best apps by LinkedIn, which helps you to transcribe business cards through photo scan and save the contact information to your addrss book. Thus, the information is kept safe and you dont need to worry about the loss of business card.

8. Expensify:

Best iPhone apps
Expensify assists you as a mobile expense tracking agent by recording your expenses and preparing a report. It also helps you to manage reports, scan the receipts and edit expense details.

9. Hipmunk:

Best iPhone 4S apps
Hipmunk is a cool app which helps you to find and book Flight Tickets via Hipmunk Flight Search. Hipmunk has a grid user interface which makes the flight comparison process easy.

10. Words With Friends:

Top iPhone 4S apps
Words with friends is Scrabble from Zynga with 20 million+ players. You can play this game with your friends or Facebook Buddies or even with he person sitting beside you. You can also play the game via Twitter and tweet your victories.