This created Mockup for a possible notification center for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 operating system (Apollo)

This Windows Phone 8 Concept Brings Almost Windows 8 Metro Magic To The Mobile OS

Microsoft haven’t yet confirmed about they are ready to introduce the major Windows Phone 8 Apollo update or planning to drop later this year, like every product, people generally used to make mockups of what the future OS could look like or the upcoming product look like as a concept design. Imaginations imitates the original product with a ridiculous, impractical way, but with this mockup its a simple idea based on the consistency between Microsoft’s desktop and mobile OSes.

This created Mockup for a possible notification center for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 operating system (Apollo)

Coming to the point, the concept was created by RVanhauwere user from the most popular artistic photo sharing site, The DeviantArt, simply illistartes how the un-known Start Screen on Windows 8 would look if adapted to a mobile form factor. In a pretty good way, it would allow people to more with their home screens using the horizontal scroling pattern that this would introduce, and it would bring the Windows Phone pretty closer to the Windows 8 platform.

How much Microsoft will be directly shared between different platform categories is a mystery, even though taking its Mtro design aesthetic to every cornor of its empire, from Office, to enterprise products, there to Windows, Xbox, Windows Phone, SkyDrive and Skype. While there haven’t been reports of any such UI changes implemented so far. But being said, we do have a pretty fair idea thus far of what is to come in WP8 feature-wise.

Question araised on what Windows Phone 8 will bring to the table: Leaked reports possibly indicates the Skype integration, a tool called DataSmart which allows you to monitor data usage, Bitlocker support, and shift to the NT Kernel, while Windows Phone is based on CE currently. While about the hardware points to a NFC support reportedly rumored and adds a removable MicroSD card slot,multi-core processors and will be available in four different screen resolutions.

This Windows 8 Metro inspired website mockup of Windows Phone 8 shows potential

For the end-user on a WP8 device, the user experience will be similar to what’s on Windows 8 tablet as expected, more essentially with Microsoft with Metro. Not yet revealed on the existing Windows Phone apps are able to work on the newer OS, whether the existing-generation devices will be able to receive the upgrade, we have no idea. Apollo version of upgrade is all set to release sometime in the end of this year, making very busy for Microsoft enthusiasts though.

This mockup of WP 8 handset is somewhat fancy and is too far away from what Microsoft thinking right now. However the concept will give you some idea about the mobile OS. Via The Next Web