This uNu Case For iPhone 5 Doubles The Battery Life And Protects Your iDevice [VIDEO]

There are several accessories for iPhone 5 available in the market that claims to be more protective and aims to double talk time by increasing device’s battery life. iPhone 5 in my thought is one of the most beautiful smartphones, and I being an iPhone 4 user, I don’t like such design behind a chunky case where it can’t be seen. Now, we got a good reason for casing, that it not only designed to protect the device but also improve it in some way is an entirely different way, which is why it’s inevitably worthwhile taking a look at uNu and their innovations in the iPhone accessory market.

It said that uNu DX Protective Battery Case for iPhone 5 twice your talktime, letting most iPhones as for two days on one charge. The uNu iPhone 5 Battery Case – is definitely worth checking out for those iPhone 5 owners who happen to feel that the phone doesn’t quite last as long as it should do in the power stakes. The case made an evolution of the previously highly successful iPhone 4S Battery Case model that were grabbed by the bucketload from Amazon Store and other retailers.


Now, that’s the product which has been taken back to the drawing board to be re-imagined for the taller iPhone 5, the case with the result being a refined cover that brings excellent power and protective elements. Of course that’s still far from what feature phones can mange, it’s significant improvement and would come in handy in many situations. However, the case is manufactured to have precise cut-outs for all hardware based buttons on the iPhone 5 to allow users to get unrestricted access to things like the power and volume buttons.

The great thing about this case is how little bulk it adds. It’s 15mm thick and actually looks quite good. Apertures have also been created around the device’s microphone to ensure that call quality is maintained as well as perfectly placed holes for headphones to be used on the device. Should also be music to the ears of potential owners that the case fully supports charging and synchronizing when the iPhone is connected to it.


The case that is re-designed which has to be the inclusion of a powerful 2,300 mAh battery core that should alter pretty much to double the expected battery life of the iPhone. uNu estimates that connection to the case shield – provide the iPhone with an additional 10 hours to talk while still allowing the device to be charged when in the case at double the speed of the previous iPhone model.


Yet another case discussed in the video below – the LED case that’s still a prototype. It increases your battery life, protects your iPhone 5, and adds an LED panel to the back of it. Well! the LED panel is that you cannot connect to it with Bluetooth and push custom notifications top it either. If you are using the the built-in iPhone flash for alerts, now with this case you would get different notifications from each app.

No doubt that uNu is doing some more interesting things with cases, and the said one is an extremely attractive in black or white, offers great protection and doubles the battery life all for a mere $79.95. For iPhone 5 case, what’s more you could want? Just point your browser to get information on this accessory from