This Tweak For iPhone Adds Page Curl Animation To Notification Center And Lock Screen On Device

Imagine about when reading a book of your choice and while reading it you turn the pages in a curling way to another page, similar to that this new Cydia tweak have added page curl animation to your iOS device. Talking about Apple’s mobile operating system is more advanced one that seamlessly and perfectly crafted animations that takes place when users involk a certain task, like switching between home screens, opening up folders containing a number of apps icons or when pressing and holding an icon to put the device into edit mode. Today we’ll talk about some other development that made easy for all iPhone users in a unique way.

There are several other ways available for jailbroken devices in the form of third-party tweaks that can be grabbed from Cydia store, and about fancy switching around a bit by applying some additional or different animation effects to certain aspects of the system make something awesome. In order to achieve that here’s a tweak for that. This is one of the latest ones to make a splash in Cydia, called “UnCurl” that adds the extremely familiar page curl effect that is found in iBooks to the lock screen and Notification Center on the installed iOS device.

The tweak is available and supports devices that running iOS 5 and higher, because of its use of the UIPageViewController class which Apple introduced as a part of the iOS 5 SDK earlier. When installed, the UnCurl package hooks directly into two parts of iOS, the lock screen, by amending the default slide to unlock and introducing the rather attractive curl animation, rather, as well as Notification Center though. The package is activated, invoking Notification Center gives that is permanently placed behind the home screen and the user is curling the screen away to reveal the notification panel, instead of tapping it up-side down.

This UnCurl package also comes with a set of configurable options that are accessible through the native Settings app. iPhone users have the ability to toggle the lock screen and Notification Center options on and off, and in the set up you can be able to change the curl radius to site their own visual tastes. With attractive curling effects, I am in and installed on my iPhone 4 and below are the screenshots of the tweak that enabled curl features to me device.

UnCurl is available to download from the ModMyi repository for $0.99 and requires a jailbroken device with iOS 5 or above installed.