This Tweak Completely Removes Metro UI From Windows 8 Gesture

Microsoft has specially concentrated on the development of its upcoming feature creation of Metro interface of Windows 8, and thinking all about it many have taken something of a shinning to the new look of the title, others have managed less than impressed with some of the features being removed (disabled or added) over previous releases of Windows. Many bypassed the new UI features along with Start Menu as well.

Well with the Redmond outfit having stuck with the generic Start Menu look for years, but in some reasons aren’t thrilled about the apparant design overhaul and searched for a way to get back the old-styled classic Start Menu back in the Windows 8 desktop. Start8 comes to scene and does the rest of things happen. Now yet another tweak being ushered into the swirling vortex of the unknown.

Especially those who are pretty familiar with Windows 7 which, let’s face it, if Microsoft’s best operating system to date with Metro bandwagon? More than a few people are upset that software maker’s latest OS require booting to Metro (said the Windows 8 user interface) based on touch-optimized home screen add-on. A new RetroUI launched to get rid of Metro from the lastest Operating system, which lets you stick to the classic old desktop style. Whilst also grabbing the other benefits of Windows 8, such as faster boot-up times.

Metro is an advanced feature not only suited to the touchscreen, tablet interface, but it would seem a little harsh that everybody has to emrance the new look. With RetroUI, such a gesture-based utility will not necessary, for much like the many apps already in existence offering some solace to alienated Windows 8 sufferers, RetroUI will remove the tiled interface completely, offering an easy option of having a Windows 7-esque desktop view to the user.

The app skips more than just the sea of tiles: it can lock out certain Metro features altogether and push out to everyone on a network in the event that new UI is just too much for the office to handle. Once RetroUI installed, you can flit between Windows 8 and “Windows 7? whenever you so wish. Specially for those Windows users, Metro is of course a step in the right direction in terms of the devices on which many of us perform computing tasks, and the majority of users will be in for a surprise when they try and get to grips with Windows 8 on desktops with mouse – those who aren’t aware of the new Metro look, at all.

Thinix is catering to that inner Luddite on a truly polished level through its just-launched RetroUI – adds, only a minority of specially-written Metro apps work within the Metro infrastructure of Windows 8. Though, users must exit the Metro desktop in order to run most apps, here’s what Anthony Clark explains:

“RetroUI eliminates this inefficient back-and-forth problem by providing a way for users to login directly into the classic Windows desktop – skipping over all the unneeded Metro features.”

Interested ones can grab it right now via the link below. It costs five bucks ($5) for a license stretching across three PCs. It’s a cheap way to pretend that all of Windows 8’s changes are under the hood. Particularly if you’re are concerned about approaching Windows 8 full-control.

Download RetroUI from here now and do the rest with Metro Ui on Windows 8 OS. Via Engadget