This New iPad Mini Picture Looks Awesome Like A Larger iPod Touch With Smaller Bazels [IMAGE]

The next-generation iPhone is the most anticipated device to be arriving in the coming months, though purported smaller iPad from Apple, or so called iPad Mini as it is being referred, is much expected tablet. The device, we heard, will counter the smaller tablets coming up in the tablet market, including the cheapest yet-powerful Google ASUS Nexus 7 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note II.

We have already seen the leaks of the supposed device’s case in the past along with some alleged form, and the general feelings seems to be that it’s first look something like a “larger iPod touch.” Considering the cynics and skeptics pointed at the original iPad as merely “a large iPhone without the phone part,” the Cupertino company will have gone full-circle if the current consensus rings true. Regarding the iPad Mini slate that suggesting the smaller bezel of constant thickness that includes and which looks as though the bazel on each of the device will be significantly thinner, alike to the iPhone and iPod touch currently.

According to the report from 9to5Mac, about Apple’s plans on the upcoming iPad mini with smaller bezels along the sides in portrait mode and separate volume buttons and not a “rocker” and a mic on the back. The new information would make sense from a design point of view, and certainly offer the iPad Mini some key advantages over other similar slabs, then again holding the thing in potrait mode would mean you inadvertently touch the screen, that would something Apple take into considering.

The leaks so far shown any sign of a rare camera, and we think the lack of a rear snapper wil be recurring theme on smaller, cheaper device. A front-facing camera will be mosre essential for Facetiming, and however still no leaks shown a loop hole for a camera. Based on the iPod touch along with the reports of the next iPhone 5, it would be better to judge when the front-facing camera is to be centered feature.

iPad Mini and Google Nexus 7 tablet side-by-side Picture comparision

Apple will have to be careful to separate it from the launch of the iPhone, and the limited number of hardware leaks up until now. If the Cupertino company push the unknown little device out sub-$300, then its the best of being a competitor that can put out other budget tablets in the market, even the quad-core Nexus 7.

So, production probably trails the late September/early October launch window expected for the new iPhone. Stay tuned!