This New App Will Remove Purple Haze From iPhone 5 Pictures

As you’re familiar with the small haze issue just after the iPhone 5 launched, users complaining about the “purple haze” in their photographs. It’s confirmed that a purple flare effect that comes from a bright, out-of-scene light source while capturing an image, but today we got you something about the new app that can help you a lot to get rid of iPhone 5’s picture purple haze. Details after the jump!

Just after receiving complaint from the newly owned iPhone 5 owners, Apple has already addressed the issue, and a number of other smartphones camera and portable gadgets have been proven to have similar hazes. But, still bothering you, then this application that claims it can remove the dreaded purple haze from the iPhone 5 pics.

It’s the Camera Fix, a new app for iPhone users who are experiencing the aforementioned purple haze problem, pointed by iPhoneography. Essentially being a touch-up tool that alters photos to eliminate, or at least reduce, the colored glare effect. Any doubt, then have a look at the comparison photo below in action.

The image on the left is before using the Camera Fix app’s “depurple” filter and the right is after applying, definitely seems noticeably less purple. Isn’t it!

It’s up to you. Using the new app after seeing the difference between two pictures and it does all virtually. I’am not an iPhone 5 user and I didn’t try it myself. But it worth more paying for such great apps.

Finally, if you’re one of those who struggling with purple haze issue, then try Camera Fix for yourself, now available in the App Store for $0.99.

(source: Camera Fix for iPhone on iOS App Store)