This Is How Beats Audio Works With Its Own Smartphone, TV Set And iTunes-Style Service [REPORT]

A rumored or speculated report surfaced suggesting that DR. Dre’s Beats company is now thinking for a huge expansion in the near future and could also set it up by launching an all new marketplace assault on the world’s most valuable company, the Apple. This turns to be an accurate point whereas after receiving some dollars from HTC, Beats has decided to create their own smartphone, rather fixed with audio headphones, while the reports also suggests that HTC would be the handset mafucaturer and helping in production – obviously the brand of the product will be the Beats smartphone. Details after the jump!

The Beats brand has been made famous in recent years thanks to the Beats By Dre. headphones that place superior sound quality over everything else. Following the success, Beats have managed to get their technologies into HTC smartphones, Hewlett Packard laptops and even create their own Beats By Dr. Dre audio system that is being used in the rather swish Chrysler 300 S and Dodge Charger vehicles.

Being one of the best headphones leading company, reports says that the most popular smartphone producer, HTC is designing the handset and will be powered by Android and features an entirely custom user-interface that has been created additionally for use of Beats. Considering select HTC handsets already offer the Beats technology, and if the speculation comes true then we would be seeing an actual rival with a sleeker design handset in the market which features no HTC branding, but Beats brand.

Also said that the Beats Audio is also eager to produce its own television, so both the TV and the smartphone will also include a service called Beats Connect. This is the service that the company has no idea about it, but planning to launch. he company is also said to be working on developing a service that would function in a similar fashion to Appleā€™s iTunes model that offers extremely similar features as well as a subscription-based music service that seems to be all the rage at the minute.

So, an official Beats smartphone, including TV set with an acompanying music service is to come along. The report also suggests that the company is looking to make partnership with Samsung to build its own TV division to have an integrated custom Beats TV pass content between each other thanks to the new music service. Besides the rival iTunes, offering both music purchases and a subscription-based streaming option. Like iTunes, it will be available across a range of devices, but instead of iPhones and Macs it will be Beats phones and Beats TVs.

More information on this topic is available from the BGR, please make time an know what’s new in Beats Audio and smartphone along with TV set.