This iPhone Tweak Allows Videos To Continue Playing Even If Safari Is Sent To The Background

For the Apple users who depend upon iOS mobile operating system and want to use each and every feature of the OS, one of the latest tweak  landed on Cydia called to be “Web Background Video Playback,” released by iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith.

In-fact this Web Background Video Playback package for iPhone allows some modifications to the Apple’s mobile operating system. The basic aim of this tweak is to allow video content to continue playing through the Mobile Safari Browser even when it is running in the background. Previously most of the iOS users suffered while watching a video on their devices and suddenly the playback stops if they get any notification or text message in-between the play. But if this tweak is installed in our devices, the playback would be continue in the background and won’t allow the notifications and text messages to interrupt our beloved video playback.

This tweak is very useful especially when you want only to listen the content of the video but not to watch it, for example, when watching a music video, podcast, etc. It is also helpful for those who use jailbroken devices very often to watch YouTube videos and movies or TV shows directly on their device.

This tweak is also handy while you want to send a quick tweet or text message but don’t want to be interrupted your video playback. It even plays nice with video that’s streaming to a television via AirPlay. You can get the same effect by opening up your App Switcher’s media controls and tapping play while Safari is backgrounded. This tweak makes this task very easily.

You have to have a jailbroken device running iOS 5.1 or higher configuration to run the Web Background Video Playback. This is a paid one and you can download this tweak from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $0.99. Are you interested in giving it a try?.