The Way To Turn Your iPad Into A Rugged Notebook With This Nifty Little Utility [VIDEO]

Considering Apple’s words that says it won’t make tablet-laptops when the iPad launched two years ago, many add-on products, I mean accessories based on hardware came in to the scene to produce a product that can turn your iPad into a work-friendly Notebook. Similar to that today we came through on of that utility called CruxSkink, promises to transform your Apple tablet into a powerful iPad laptop. Details after the jump!

We have been still dreaming about a notebook form factor device that runs iOS, and we, you, have invested in purchasing iPad, so, it is now possible to ditch your tablet for your business trips or even work. Apple’s iPad really changed the way of computing technology, with the used to fold-out structure complete with a physical keyboard, the Cupertino company’s offering was truly touch-based.

Being an iPad 2 tablet user, I have seen lots of other products that includes the NoteBookCase and the Brydge in the past. Now we are today adding another one to the list: the CrunxSKUNK. The team behind this amazingly rugged accessory, the Crux is promising the case will be able to turn your iPad into an lll-conquering Notebook. The iPad is the device of choice for browsing, checking e-mail, listening to music and watching movies, the notebook is still at the heart of productive computing.

Since two-and-half years of the iPad in and out, accessory makers have built a sort of products to morph the iPad into some like laptop, with varying levels of success. The ability to dock a device and type and comfortably using a physical keyboard has its obvious appeals, unfortunately, a few manufacturers seem to have pinned the tail on the powerful device.

Let us talk about SKUNK, first of all take a deep breath of fresh air “turning your tablet into a notebook” market comes in the form of a beautifully-crafted product. CruxSKUNK is yet another Kickstarter campain, thus still requires your support to generate and bring the quickery-named peripheral to the market, but the progress has certainly potential to be a real winner.

So, what can you expect from CruxSKUNK that makes it an unique product? The Crux team like a genuine product designer has really assessed the current state of cases which create that laptop feel, and identified the common constraints such as lack of strength, inability to mount on the lap.

The SKUNK is machined from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum — similar to the process Apple uses to machine its MacBooks — and its parts are sandblasted and anodized to match the finish of your iPad. The keyboard looks almost identical to that of the world’s thinnest notebook, and despite the Apple logo pointing in the wrong direction and it’s full-sized, with a QWERTY layout, and has raised keys for easier typing.

The project enables all the default functionality in order to connect your iPad via Bluetooth, and Crux says that it only needs to be charged once a month via a USB cable. But, it needs $90,000 through Kickstarter, and with 40 days to go.

If you want to get your hands on one, check out CruxSKUNK’s Kickstarter page, where you can get your name on the pre-order list for $135. Shipping is expected to start this December 2012. Think about it and imagine your iPad transformed into a Alienware-style notebook with a lap.