The New iPhone Knockoff (Clone) Is Already Available, 6th-Generation Running Android [IMAGES]

Thinking of buying a new sixth-generation iPhone? Yeah, you heard it right a next iPhone from Apple products are among the most frequently-stolen across the world, and now event started with the next-generation iPhone as well. Knocker-offers are already hard at work creating devices similar to the upcoming smartphone, and with that chance pushed out a new iPhone-look like Android-powered clone. Details after the jump!

September 12 is the actual next iPhone’s announcement date as set by the Cupertino company and expected to launch and available on 21st, according to unknown sources and big Apple related sites. Alleged leaked photos of the phone’s front panel show something that could be an NFC chip, a 4G LTE connectivity poser and many.

The Apple’s next iPhone would completely coming with the aluminum back panel we have seen via many hardware leaks, the fake is aesthetically pin-point, however we configure the best software is coming, but the Android to be a far cry from the seamless experience expected of iOS 6. However the latest iteration of Android – Jelly Bean (41) – is very neat though, at the same time, but the copycats are on its way managed to implement the latest and greatest on this little number.

The so-called Goophone 15 takes, the tow-tone iPhone 5 design features we’ve seen in recent times, shoves some Android-powered hardware into it. The display – however rather disappointingly – remains at the same 3.5-inch size as the iPhone 4’S, and now information is available with regards to the innards. If you’re interested in grabbing this new iPhone Android clone, which is a knock off device, then you have to check it for the specs and see if the bootleggers have bothered to offer buyers a decent engine for their fake runner.

This Android-powered iPhone surfaced via the increasingly relevant French blog, was able to determine was that it actually sports a 3.5-inch display instead of the 4-inch panel, and more off the plagiaristic behavior of a company like Goophone would not fly in. The Chinese outfit continues to rip every mobile device company off with its continual churning out of devices. The few images of the I5 that have surfaced reveal that Goophone’s latest effort indeed bears a striking resemblance to what the new iPhone is expected to look like.

However in the past and now, Goophone’s X1 was a copycat of HTC’s One S, and its copy of the iPhone 4S was nothing short of remarkable, but that’s not really a surprise considering the company’s track record. Being a knock off that really damages the company’s creation of the real steal deal and there’s no word on when this handsome fake will start trickling out of factories in Shenzhen.

This knockoff isn’t that poser, but still considering their hard work and even though we aren’t interested in buying it, the Goophone 15 will still sell – specially in China market where Apple products take 4-6 months longer to release than they do in much of Europe and North America.

My thought about this knock off or so called Android iPhone clone, I would like to purchase an original Apple iPhone, and being an iPhone 4 owner I pretty like to invest in buying the new iPhone 6th-generation as it been announced and available for pre-order. I am waiting for it since two-years, because of that I didn’t purchased iPhone 4S, but still on 4. Via Redmondpie/TechCrunch