The Dark Knight Rises For Android Now Available For Download

The final chapter in the trilogy of Christian Bale’s Batman – The Dark Knight Rises released in cinemas, rolled out for Android. iOS was first to get the “Batman: The Dark Night Rises” title, and GameLoft who tends to stay true to its word, releases the trilogy series on to the Google Play Store in conjunction with the national opening of the film in the United States. For $6.99 you’re getting a graphically rich game that does seem to have some substance.

The iOS title “The Dark Knight Rises” also made its way over to the App Store to supplement its box office release. Now, casually late as usual, the Android iteration is available to download over at the Google Play Store at the cost of $6.99.

We haven’t yet tried it on our Android devices, of course not on our iPhone or iPod touch smartphones though. You can see the influences of each throughout the title, and as a fan of the first two movies made by Gameloft in collaboration with DC Comics and Warner Bros.

Being a mobile gamer, it certainly goes live as one of the most expensive games, but also offers a little more than the usual run-of-the-mill, physics-based puzzler. Visually it isn’t attracted many, but go up there as one of the most aesthetically-pleasing mobile titles to date. From scaling buildings around Gotham, knocking foes down left and right, or cruising along on the Batpod in the vigilante missions, it’s difficult to get bored.

The drawback would be is the game’s size. Weighing in at nearly 2GB (plus an additional 1.8GB when you’ve downloaded), it will command quite a bit of your spare space, as well as taking a while to download. That is not the major matter though, ii will not come between your purchase of The Dark Knight Rises.

Download The Dark Knight Rises for Android [Google Play link]