Temple Run 2 For iOS Released, Takes The Already-Famous Runner To A Whole New Level [VIDEO]

Being a big fan of mobile gaming and waiting for the next big thing to hit the iOS App Store? Then the sequel to the surprise blockbuster game from Imangi Studios have you well and truly covered. With over 170 million downloads since launch; the Temple Run game has proved to be one of the most successful titles to be released on the iPhone and iPad, but now the fun continues with yet another whole level of gaming. Imangi Studios are back and they have most-definitely upped their game, with Temple Run 2 starting to become available in App Store markets across the world.

The Temple Run 2 has been released today first in New Zealand and will be out for the US market by nightfall. The app is being released for free as the first version was, earning the developers cash through in-game boost purchases. The official sequel to the smash-hit game comes directly from the same development team with a little bit of help thrown in from FuzzyCude Software, and it looks as fantastic and addictive as ever. More details can be grabbed after the jump!


The second iteration of the Temple Run franchise brings the already-famous platformer to a whole next level with the same infinite runner, playform gameplay with fast-paced chasing, high jumping, cliff navigating and ground sliding action that kept gamers coming back for more. Temple Run 2 works with the original Guy Dangerous character from the original game and has a set of new characters you can use in the field. Upgrades include Coin Value, Coin Magnet, Shield Duration, Pickup Spawn, Boost Distance, Power Meter, and more. Don’t forget the bigger monkey. But is accompanied by stunning graphics and extremely enticing environments.


The original Temple Run was a big successful game either on iOS or Android platforms and that it’s difficult to imagine how the developers could take it to the next level and make things better, however they had managed it. New danger is to be found on the verge of extremely daunting cliffs as well as the new skills that need to be mastered to successfully fly down zip lines that randomly ocuur during the chase. Running away from evil enemies shouldn’t really that difficult a task to accomplish, but when random mines are placed around your characters feet, it could prove a little problematic. Special powers for each character are also have included in this gorgeous new graphic environments.

The First version of Temple Run is also available for iOS and Android, it having separate versions for smartphones and tablet-sized devices. The set of new environments, Temple Run 2 also offers a whole set of new obstacles to overcome as well as different power-ups to collect and buy using collected or purchased coins. A new set of achievements are also included with Game Center integration along with a special powers for each player character and a new and extremely daunting larger monkey to run away from. With a great reputation, a large and evil monkey, perilous cliff edges and it’s free of charge to download – How far can you run? What’s more a mobile gamer want?


Temple Run 2 will be a free of charge download when it hits worldwide stores with an in-app purchase being available to double collected coins.

(Source: Temple Run 2 for iOS on the App Store).