T-Mobile To Retail Google Nexus 4 Off Contract For $499

You already familiar with this as Google has launched their latest Nexus-banded Android smartphone, the Nexus 4 for sale and the 16GB version of the device retails for $349.99 directly from the Google Play Store, and also headed to various mobile carriers in the US. It said that the Google/LG’s Nexus 4 handset sells out in 15 minutes as well and the Store only showing the “coming soon” banner.

On the other hand, the T-Mobile is reportedly will be offering the Nexus 4 both on contract and off commitment, when you purchase the device with a two year agreement, the handset will set you back at $199.

While the other option is purchasing Google Nexus 4 from T-Mobile off contract, then it will be charged you up for $499 for the gadget, which is $150 more than you can buy the device direct from Play Store directly. Google are selling the Nexus 4 smartphone close to their cost price, which leaves retailers behind having to charge more for the device than you can buy it direct from Google.

What are you thinking about, buying Nexus 4 smartphone from Google Play Store or go for T-Mobile offerings like a 2 year contract or off contract?