T-Mobile Now Offering Stock iPhone 5 Nano SIM Cards

Did you know that T-Mobile doesn’t retail Apple’s latest iPhone 5 smartphone, but you can use one of the new iPhone 5’s on T-Mobile’s networks, how? Simple, that the US mobile carrier is now offering the new Nano SIM cards for iPhone 5.

Like this, by purchasing any unlocked iPhone 5’s from Apple, you will get yourself a Nano SIM card from T-Mobile and use the handset on their network, similar to GSM network, though you won’t be able to use 4G on T-Mobile as their 4G connectivity is on different band to the iPhone 5 in most of the areas.

The $69.99 per month would be the T-Mobile’s cheapest plan offering with the Nano SIM card when compared to various data plans, and this comes with unlimited texts, talk and data included.

T-Mobile has started to offer iPhone 5 compatible 4G in Seattle, Las Vegas and New York, obviously they are prepping to expand the service to other cities in the United States, but we got no official announcements from T-Mobile on which cities will be getting it next.