Swipe Safari is a new jailbreak tweak that adds new gestures to mobile Safari to enhance the user experience while browsing.

Swipe Safari Tweak For iPhone Brings OS X Like Swipe Navigation Gestures To Mobile Safari

I am an iPhone 4 owner and when talking about Cydia, which has provided me lots of packed apps, and extensions relating to pretty much of iOS based. Today i came through with a jailbreak tweak that adds new gestures to my mobile Safari browser. The said third-party developer didn’t yet made its way on to the OS platform. This mobile web browser by default like the other parts of Apple’s operating system, it surely needs lots of work.

Swipe Safari is a new jailbreak tweak that adds new gestures to mobile Safari to enhance the user experience while browsing.

The Swipe Safari as a part of Cydia tweak landed in the third-party store came with a number of updates and would be the best tweak to be made available specially for Safari, bringing amazing usable options to those who regularly make use of the web browser on a jailbroken iOS device. With an awesome navigation gesture-based swipe tweak is pretty much good for Safari.

Why use this tweak to manage Safari? The stock iOS browser, Safari browser lacks some features, while the browsing experience is fine, unfortunately it has some issues changing tabs and other small ones that kills it. Like i said, Swipe Safari is a new extension adds all new gesture-based navigations between tabs and refreshing web pages rather simple than before. Installing this tweak allows users to navigate to the previous or next page through the use of one finger swipes or a simple webpage dragging gesture.

This Swipe tweak brings the OS X like gestures to your iOS safari browser and works with screen pulling gestures in a similar fashion to how the popular pull to refresh method works on the device. But every app has its hidden features, Swipe Safari is the fact that it removes the limitations on how many tabs a user can have open in Safari, brings the fully unlimited browsing experience.

The Swipe Safari Cydia tweak can navigate between pages and open new tabs with OS X Lion inspired gestures on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

So by installing and using Swipe Sfari tweak on your iPhone you can pull down on any page to reload the content on that webpage, the tabs can be opened in full-screen mode to utilize the complete screen gestures, and adds the recently closed tabs button on your iDevice.

Check out these gesture implementations with the built-in support for a number of different methods and solutions:

  • Swipe with two fingers.
  • Swipe with three fingers
  • Double tap and triple tap through the use of one finger.
  • Double tap with two fingers.
  • Pinch the screen with two fingers.
  • Tap and double tap, plus long press with one finger.

Remind you that there were lots of other third-party browsers have made offering for a quite some time, like Swipe Safari never made it to Apple’s official browser yet. All those options can be configured through a dedicated preferences panel in the Settings app for the tweak.

To download Swipe Safari and perform installation on your iPhone or iPod touch, please head over to BigBoss repository available at sale cost of $1.50, now rised to $2.99 after this week and requires iOS 5.0 or above (iOS 5.1 or 5.1.1).