Starbucks Integration Adds On Passbook, Updated With iOS 6 Support (Not iPhone 5)

A new revamped version of its prepaid card app, Starbucks has finally landed on Apple’s iPhone running iOS 6 platform’s Passbook. Add Starbucks to the list of big-companies that have updated their mobile applications to work with Passbook, the Apple’s new wallet-like app for storing mobile coupons, gift cards, electronic tickets, and now making mobile payments by proxy. Details after the jump.

Apple in June at WWDC 2012 shown off Passbook and also touted Starbucks as one of the flagship services to be offered in the one-stop ticket and coupon organizer. Though Passbook officially became available to the masses with the iOS 6 launch last month, many were surprised to see the coffee company has been missing from Passbook since the launch of iOS 6, but that changes today with a new update to the Starbucks iOS app.

As promised, Starbucks made a quick arrival on Passbook, thanks to the iOS 6 update for Starbucks application. Unfortunately, Starbuck updated app hasn’t made its way for iPhone 5’s taller screen – only iOS 6 firmware running iPhone 4 / 4S. The new version lets users take their virtual Starbucks card — Starbucks has accepted payment in its stores with its own app for some time — and add it into Passbook.

Speaking of updated Starbucks iOS 6 app, the integration takes advantages of Passbook’s geolocation features as well, allowing users to select up to 10 of their favorite stores and have payments option automatically appear on their iDevice’s lock screen for faster process.

Overall, the update adds support for iOS 6 and the Starbucks app is now available in the Canada, United Kingdom. Accessing the “My Card” tab in the Starbucks application will prompt users to “add your Starbucks Card to Passbook.” So, users can set up to ten desired stores, and the Starbucks will in turn provide their pass right when they walk in the door they pointed. Starbucks v2.4 is now available for download right from the official iTunes Store for free of charge.

(source: Starbucks for iOS 6 Passbook on Apple App Store)