Starbucks App For iPhone Updated To v2.5 With iOS 6 Passbook Support For UK And Canada

The Starbucks being a coffee-pedding franchise become the first company to offer Apple’s  iOS 6 and the new Passbook feature to the iPhone app. The support didn’t went out the borders of the United States since weeks, but today, support consumers in United Kingdom has been added to along with Canada as well.

Stabucks Passbook support opened up to millions out there, but still hasn’t optimized to fit comfortably on iPhone 5’s new screen yet. The latest updated version 2.5 app brings Apple’s Passbook support allowing you to store your Starbucks card and ten favorite stores, which iPhone uses to cross-reference with your current location. But, leaving those rather unsightly letterboxes exposed at both the top and bottom ends of the iPhone 5’s 4-inch display.

The Starbucks app appears to be one of those, although given how the coffee chain was one of the first to hop aboard the Passbook bandwagon. Now Starbucks cutomers in the UK and Canada can also make use of the mobile payment method, thanks to this great update. Previously, it would only seem a matter of time before the letterboxing is a problem of the past – at least with this particular app.

When you reach one of these Starbucks, your card will appear on the lock screen and allow you to pay without even opening the app. It’s a very cool feature that works quite well. It enables customers to add their Starbucks Card to Passbook before scanning their iPhone at the counter to complete the transaction.

In the previous version of Starbucks app meant that the cashier had to scan a barcode displayed on your smartphone before taking payment. Remember how horrible iPhone and iPod touch apps looked in compatibility mode before developers got to work on proper iPad versions.

If you’re one of those addictive coffee drinker running iOS, you might want to check out the link to the official Starbucks app below. This update to the Starbucks iPhone app will prompt users into registering their most-frequented Starbucks stores, which will then enables the Passbook functionality in those specific branches.

The Starbucks for iPhone 5 app has failed to take into consideration, because of the 4-inch screen size? But this app will still work on Apple’s next-gen iPhone, users are complaining of experiencing “letterboxing”. Where a black border engulfs the app’s display, because it is unable to fill all available space.

With the Starbucks for iPhone and Android, you can check your balance, reload your card with any major credit, view your transactions and conveniently track your Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program on your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android.

(Source: Starbucks for iOS on the App Store)