Spotify For iPhone And iPad Gets Updated, Added Free Streaming Radio For Download [Only US Customers]

On Tuesday, Spotify has made an announcement of its latest addition of a freeware mobile radio to the company’s popular Spotify app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Spotify being one of the most popular music streaming like Pendora has just been updated its Spotify Radio and pushed its app version to 0.5.2 and brings a new free radio to the said application. So, users can now create their own stations based on their desired songs, albums, artists and on and on.

The Spotify streaming radio service is currently made available for U.S. customers who already have an account with Spotify. As an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users can also get this radio streaming on their devices if they live in the United States. While Premium account holders can also taste the Spotify radio elswhere in the world and will get access to the free radio service.

Actually this feature was already available in the esktop versions and on iPhone and iPad apps. With the free radio, you can make your way discovering lots of new music based on your likes, save them and listen them when you free whenever you want.

According to the official Spotify blog post, here are something that you can achive with the Free Spotify Radio.

* Free radio is powered by the entire Spotify catalog, the biggest of its kind.
* Unlimited songs and stations – listen forever!
* Like a song? Save it to your Spotify playlists with a thumbs up.
* Great music choices from our shiny new recommendation engine.
* Don’t like a song? Skip it.
* Make radio even better by liking songs.

Better prefer the premium Spotify users, can now stream limitless srtist, songs, playlist or album-based radi stations to iOS devices. Here’s what Soptify VP of product, Charlie Hellman said:

“The radio feature we’ve added to our iPhone and iPad apps gives users the ability to discover, listen and save what they like on the go – all within one app – for free.”

If you waiting for a brand new music experience, listen on your favorite music streaming app for free on custom created radi stations. Spotify’s app is available for free in the iOS App Store.

Download Spotify for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes link]